Smallpdf Mobile App Review

Smallpdf Mobile App Review: Nowadays, most mobile-to-mobile document exchanges involve PDF files. And as more and more people use their smartphones to send, receive, and read PDFs, a mobile-friendly PDF scanning and editing solution is needed more than ever.

Working with PDFs can be really CPU-intensive, and this means not all smartphones can handle PDF editing. The answer to this is cloud-based document processing. The Smallpdf: PDF Scanner & Editor is one such app that lets you do your PDF work while keeping the load off your smartphone.

At a glance, the app looks promising, but before I jump to any conclusions, let’s go over the different features the Smallpdf mobile app has to offer and weigh its pros and cons. This in-depth review will evaluate whether the app performs as well as it claims, and how it compares to its competitors.

Smallpdf: An Introduction

Smallpdf is an award-winning Swiss company that’s been offering a wide range of PDF management tools ever since it was founded in 2013. Of course, before it launched its apps for iOS and Android, Smallpdf’s PDF editing tools could only be accessed from theSmallpdf website.

Over the years, Smallpdf has become the most popular PDF software in the world with over a billion users. Although it managed to build quite the reputation through its easy-to-use and fast on-site tools, could the same be said for its mobile apps? Time to find out.

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Smallpdf Mobile App Toolset

The Smallpdf: PDF Scanner & Editor application boasts quite a wide range of unique tools to create, edit, compress, sign and do a lot more with your PDF documents. The mobile app offers the entire suite of tools that the website offers. These include:

PDF Compression: Reduces documents to email-friendly sizes.

  • PDF Converter:
    • PDF To Word
    • PPT To PDF
    • Word To PDF
    • JPG To PDF
    • Excel To PDF
  • PDF Editing Tools: Add text, shapes, images, and annotations to PDFs.
  • PDF Rotating Tool: Rotate selected pages in a PDF.
  • PDF Page Deletion Tool: Remove selected pages from PDF.
  • PDF Merge Tool: Combine two PDFs into one.
  • e-Sign Feature: Sign your documents electronically. Smallpdf also offers cryptographic, time-stamped digital signatures for Pro users.
  • PDF Scanner: Take images of a document and convert them into a multi-page PDF instantly.
  • Create PDF from Gallery: Choose images from the gallery to convert into PDF.

PDF Scanner Tool

The Smallpdf website and mobile app share pretty much the same set of tools. However, the PDF Scanner is one extra feature that sets the mobile app apart. This tool lets you capture documents with your mobile camera, and convert them to PDF format in just a few seconds.

You’ll have to grant the app access to your camera to use the feature. Once you’re done with that, simply tap on the ‘Camera’ button after tapping on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the app’s main page.

The scanner tool is full of useful sub-features like Auto Detect and Preview. Auto Detect automatically recognizes the document when you point the camera towards it and captures it automatically when the document is in perspective. Preview lets you see how each page will appear in the PDF right after capturing it and lets you make quick edits. You can also add filters to the scanned documents to enhance visibility.

Smallpdf blog article –PDF Scanner

Smallpdf App User Interface

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this app has all the vibes of a simple, sophisticated, and easy-to-use app. Because it doesn’t involve heavy processing, using and navigating through the app is a breeze.

Opening the app leads you to the Files page where you can see all your previously scanned or edited PDFs. This is also the app’s main page and accessing the toolset only needs one swipe to the left.

Apart from the functionality, the app has a simple but vibrant design. It uses a professional color scheme but has all the liveliness that makes it an overall fun app to use.


Smallpdf has three different pricing plans and they apply to both its website and mobile app.

Free version: The Smallpdf mobile app is free to install and use. You can use all 21 tools with this plan, but there’s a catch. You can only complete two free tasks in a day. This means your capabilities are very limited.

Pro plan: The Pro plan is for one user and is priced at $9/month if billed annually. You are free to process as many documents as you like. Plus, you can use digital signatures, -75% compression, and other cool features that are only available for Pro users.

Team plan: This plan is priced at $7/month annually, and is for 2-50 users. It has all the features of the Pro plan.

Final Words

The range of tools, unique features, app design, and user experience are all that make the Smallpdf mobile app set for greatness. There’s simply no other app that could provide such a smooth PDF processing experience. There’s only one thing that I’d be urged to place in the ‘Cons’ section, and that’s the pricing and the task limit for the free version.

But like all good things have a price, the Smallpdf has its own. It could be argued that it’s a tad bit too high, but generally speaking, the app does an amazing job, especially by processing and storing all documents online.

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