Top Three Celebrities on Instagram in 2021

Celebrities on Instagram: Instagram is one of the maximum used social media applications right now. The reason is its easy interface and unique features that compel the user to keep strolling on this application for hours. One of the things Instagram is famous for is its influencers. Although, its rival company, Tik Tok also has an influencer culture. But this notion was started by Instagram, and it continues to endorse it.

Anyone who has a certain amount of followers can reach out to his followers through posts, stories, and live videos. The more followers a person has the more influence he has over people. Usually, celebrities get instant followers thanks to their stardom and fame and Buy Instagram likes from gpc. On the contrary, everyday people have to wait for years to get the right amount of followers. There are many organic Instagram growth services that can help you with that. These services will help you or your business get to the heights you could not have done independently. Let’s get back to the influencers again, right now the people who have the most influence over teenagers and youngsters worldwide are the top five most followed celebrities.

On top of the list is the Instagram official account, but we will not include it since it is not a celebrity. After Instagram official, these celebrities managed to get to the top place on Instagram.

1.   Christiano Ronaldo

Football is the most played sport in the world right now. So, it is only fair that the top player of this game is at the top of Instagram. With over two hundred and fifty-three million followers, Christiano Ronaldo is, currently the full most followed person on Instagram. The Portuguese player is famous for his amazing football skills, but he is also a very philanthropic person, which is why he loves people all over the world.

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2.   Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, the queen of Instagram with two hundred and fifteen million followers. Who could believe that the Florida-based singer we all loved as cat Valentino in the musical comedy show is right now the 2nd most followed person on Instagram? That is an indeed “Thank you next” moment for all Ariana fans.

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3.   The Rock

The wrestler turned actor, Dwayne the rock Jhonson, is currently securing 3rd place on the precipice of Instagram. His charismatic personality and chiselled abs make girls worldwide swoon over him or his wrestling skills that attract all the men. Along with securing one of the top 3 places on Instagram, he is also one of the world’s highest-paid actors. Now that’s something.

There was a time when the Kardashian Jenner family was ruling over Instagram. They were the ones who made Instagram chic and trendy. But now the top 3 positions are occupied by a footballer, a singer, and a wrestler. It tells us something about the choices of our current generation.


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