How to Jailbreak your iPhone?

Want to know about what Jailbreak is or other information related to jailbreaking? You have come to the right place. This post will provide you with every piece of information you need before you jailbreak your iPhone. We will provide details on the advantages of jailbreaking, a method to jailbreak an iPhone, different types of jailbreaking, and many more jailbreaking-related questions.

So let us get started, shall we?

What is Jailbreaking?

Normally, you cannot do extra things on iOS because, in Apple iOS devices, you can only perform activities approved by Apple. So the method or the process which allows you to root access the iOS file system enabling you to run unauthorized codes and software is called Jailbreaking.

It is the method that removes restrictions in iOS. It will allow you to download and install jailbreak apps, jailbreak tweaks, and themes to customize your phone and give them a new fresh look. Also, it provides you with different functionalities.

Is Jailbreak iPhone Illegal or Not?

Jailbreaking iPhones or other smartphones is legal in the U.S. The U.S. Library of Congress has said that it is legal to jailbreak iPhone. Jailbreaking gives users to play around with the ability to modify software and applications without breaching any copyright laws.

However, it is illegal to use jailbreak an iOS devices for torrent downloads, download paid apps and software, commit cybercrimes, or any other illegal activities.

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Types of Jailbreak

Tethered Jailbreak:

This type of jailbreak will only be able to jailbreak your iPhone temporarily during a single boot. If the user has to restart their iPhone for any reason, the jailbreak should be done once again, basically every time after the restart of the iOS device.

Otherwise, the iOS device will stay in a partially started stage, such as recovery mode. In addition, this is the worst type of jailbreak that is done as you need to tether with your computer to restart an iPhone, which is not convenient.

Semi-tethered jailbreak:

Your iPhone will boot up with a semi-tethered jailbreak, but there will be no patched kernel. For this reason, it will not allow you to use modified codes; as a result, you won’t be able to use the jailbreak apps, themes, and jailbreak tweaks.

Also, you need to use jailbreak tools to start with a patched kernel to use the jailbreak tweaks.

Untethered Jailbreak:

It is the best type of jailbreak among all types. It allows you to reboot your iPhone, and the kernel remains patched, which means the iPhone will stay jailbroken even after the restart.

You can use all the jailbreak apps, themes, and jailbreak tweaks to give your iPhone a fresh new look and play with the functionalities.

Semi-Untethered Jailbreak:

It’s comparable to an untethered jailbreak in that it allows you to restart your iPhone. However, after restarting your phone, the iOS device will not be jailbroken.

The difference between semi-tethered jailbreak and semi-untethered jailbreak is that you can jailbreak using an app on your iOS device in case of semi-untethered jailbreak. Hence, you don’t have to tether your iPhone with the computer to jailbreak it.

How to Jailbreak Your iPhone?

Jailbreaking iPhone these days is not difficult at all, and you just need to use some jailbreak tools like Xcode or Cydia Impactor. You need to install these apps on your iPhone, run the app, and tap the ‘Jailbreak’ button, which hacks your iPhone.

Above all, you don’t need any computing skills or hacking skills to acquire jailbreak these days.

Benefits of Jailbreaking the iPhones

People perform jailbreaking because there are many benefits you can acquire with jailbreaking iPhones. So what are some of the benefits of jailbreaking your iPhone?

Wide range of Jailbreak Apps

You can download a wide range of jailbreak apps that help you to enhance your phone ability since Apple is very strict on the products. It allows you to download from the Apple store because they allow you to download the filtered apps to run smoothly without any errors.

But the apps that don’t make the cut can be downloaded after you jailbreak your iPhone with the help of Cydia Impactor, an alternative to the Apple store.

Jailbreak tweaks and Themes

As I said earlier, you can get different jailbreak tweaks and themes that you can use to give your phone a fresh new appearance. Jailbreak allows you to choose various themes, not only the boring ones which Apple provides.

You can also perform different jailbreak tweaks like locking individual apps with Face IDs or passwords, bring features to the older version iPhones that are not available in iOS, and many more. In contrast, jailbreak allows enhancing the functionalities of your iPhone.

Use Non-pple Ringtones

It is so boring that Apple provides only a few ringtones, and there will be plenty of other people who will have the same ringtone as you. But with jailbreak, you will be able to use any sound as your ringtone, which can be fun and unique from others.

Delete Pre-installed Apps

There are many pre-installed apps on iPhone like Podcasts, Compass, Facetime, Stocks, Safari, that you are not allowed to delete those apps. Even when you don’t use those apps, it sits on your iPhone, taking up valuable spaces.

On the other hand, jailbreaking your iPhone allows you to delete those pre-installed apps, too, resulting in more spaces for other useful apps that you use regularly.

Modify Icons

In iPhone, the icons are the same every time, and every iPhone will have the same type of feel. When you jailbreak an iPhone, you will be able to modify icons too.

You will be offered different icon packs, and you will also be able to use your photos in the Camera Roll as an icon picture, which looks cool. You can use a jailbreak app called Snowboard to achieve this type of ability.

Risks of Jailbreak

You have already read the benefits of jailbreaking your iPhone; equally important, what are some of the risks you have to face?

With jailbreaking, you can use unauthorized apps, allowing developers to access your contacts, personal information, multimedia files, and more. It leaves your security vulnerable which results in attacks like phishing, adware, ransomware, etc.

In addition, jailbreak can lead your phone to other effects such as crashes, freezes, low-battery life, unreliable connections, dropped calls, slow connections, and many more.

Can I Use App Store After Jailbreak?

Yes, absolutely without any issue. The majority of the apps are available for download and installation in the Apple Store. But, some banking or other information-related apps may check if the iOS device is jailbroken or not and may prevent you from using these apps. However, most of the apps will pass this check and lets you access them without any issue.

To Sum Up

Jailbreaking is a process to root access iOS files so that you can run codes that are not authorized by Apple, giving you the ability to use jailbreak apps, jailbreak tweaks, and themes.

It is not illegal, but Apple highly discourages people from jailbreaking their iPhone because it breaches the security of the iPhone, which can lead to data loss, data theft, and attacks like phishing, ransomware, adware, etc.

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