What Is End-User Computing (EUC)? Definition, Benefits, and Importance

The world of information technology and computer science has always had a touch of intelligence and mystery to the ordinary computer user. With technology integrated into all facets of our society, hardware engineers, programmers and software developers seem to have settled in an elite category of intelligent people.

The aim of the information system and software development is to provide solutions for our daily activities. The widespread use of computers in almost all areas has helped fill this psychological gap by encouraging the development of end-user computing EUC.

End-User computing EUC

It’s a system designed to help non-programmers understand basic technology concepts and create working software applications. It contains a variety of approaches and methods to help users and non-programmers better integrate into the world of information technology.

With this accessibility, users can better create and control their application environments without having IT experts at their side. EUC is, therefore, a functional application developed by the user to solve organizational problems.

End-User Computing (EUC) is about bringing life to the entire digital workspace of a business.

The goal is to have a holistic view of the breadth of the end-user experience. And to consider all the systems needed to cope with the daily workload.

Rather than creating a single delivery point (PoD) for each desktop, application, and database type, consolidating these systems into a single platform provides a more efficient user experience.

An effective EUC/VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) infrastructure generally consists of servers for virtualization software, flash memory for desktop images and NAS storage for data, and a network

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Why should I consider end-user computing?

EUC must be implemented so that mobile workers can access the applications they need at the desired time and device.

All-flash storage and converged infrastructure make the EUC implementation faster and easier. Allowing you to focus on delivering uninterrupted access instead of maintaining and configuring the underlying infrastructure.

Benefits of End-user computing

Offering mobility and bringing your own device (BYOD) to end-users today is a requirement for large companies. And the EUC can deliver on that promise. IT organizations benefit from the ability to centralize desktops and data in the data center. Keep it secure, and simplify user experience management. End users can work on multiple devices anytime, anywhere.

Why is End-User Computing important?

When virtual desktop solutions are delivered to a company, systems often seem to slow down.

If the user experience with a VDI initiative seems to be diminishing, it can lead to significant setbacks.

In some cases, the virtual desktop of the correct size will not slow down the operation. But will show the limitations of the current state of the applications in daily use.

The objective of end-user computingis to recognize all the key applications or databases. That critical for daily processes and combine them on the same optimized platform as desktops.

This approach identifies the scale of the systems responsible for daily operations and optimizes them with users’ desks in a solution that offers the performance that users need.

The use of an HCI platform minimizes the capabilities required to maintain the EUC environment and reduces the skills required to maintain operations.

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I hope this has given you a general idea of the enormous possible of end-user computing technology.

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