10 Best Things To Do in Ireland Before You Die

Ireland has so much to offer to their citizen and tourist who want to see beyond the obvious! This mythical nature of Ireland is revealed only to the ones who are ready to put in an effort of going beyond the shining lights of this city.

Places and items listed in this post below can be a little tough to fit in a single trip but still do properly. Most of the places or items here will need a car rental for traveling between the attractions, whereas others just need a car to visit.

1. Sligo Golfing

It is an island that has some amazing golf courses that you will fall in love with. And the rise of the golfing superstars named Rory McIlroy & the arrival of big tournaments to the shores has actually done very little to quell its growth of tourism. Whereas there are a lot of courses to select from, the County Sligo Golf is worth your visit, if to play among the rugged Connacht landscape, which inspired many out there.

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2. Cork’s English Market

It is one popular food market located in the center of Cork. Regarded for 19th-century architecture & locally made artisan food. Just take a quick walk around here & you will enjoy its amazing atmosphere & food.

3. Cork’s Whale Watching

The West Coast has enjoyed several visits that include humpback whales, dolphins, fin whales, and orcas. The experienced tour guides of Cork may take you on their boats and get personal with these wonderful creatures. Stay mindful of the seasons of the migration though, make sure you plan the trip for the Minke whales & Harbor porpoise then go for dolphins in July and August followed by the larger species such as Humpback during October and November.

4. Trip to Titanic Museum

Just immerse yourself in this wonderful Titanic story with a visit to the impressive visitor center. The multimedia extravaganza is just unmissable with several elements of the Titanic’s interiors reproduced, and with accounts of the ship’s sinking.

5. Tour St. Michan’s Mummies

Within the dark steps of the capital city of Ireland lies a mummy coffin in the basement of the St. Michan’s church. The loophole in church rules means these mummies are contained it must not be touched, however, one responsible to preserve them is eroding coffins so that, with time, these mummies fare revealed. It’s said that the young Bram Stoker has visited a crypt and inspiring story that will become a legend later.

6. Go to Dingle

Dingle is one small port town on South West side of the Dingle Peninsula. It is popular for keeping the character, it is rugged scenery, sandy beaches, hiking trails, and food. It is the highly traditional ‘Irish’ locations in this country and one that has to get experienced by everybody.

7. Aran Islands

Three islands situated at the mouth of the Galway Bay in the west, Aran Islands have 1,200 people staying there, speaking only Irish. Geology is karst limestone and there are a lot of Iron and Bronze age forts on this Island, all along with the remarkable assemblage of plants and animals. This beautiful part of the city is worth your visit.

8. Enjoy the music & culture of Doolin

The coastal village of County Clare is an absolute delight. And Doolin is a center of traditional Irish music & vibrant pubs that have so much to enjoy! The good base of spending your night after visiting Cliffs of Moher.

9. The Burren

Situated in the north Clare & south Galway, this place is a must for the visitor to Ireland. It’s easily one interesting and unique landscape in Ireland and combines the distinctive limestone rock production with the rare flora and fauna species. The name of Burren got derivs from the Gaelic word Boireann that means a rocky place. The unique appearance is the result of several years of erosion of the limestone by the acidic rainwater that left ruts & hollows between its rock surfaces.

10. Tour of Black Taxi Belfast

Want to know the history of Belfast and it is most popular black taxi tours, do not wait and head on to the destination. Enjoy the informative history lesson by the local guide. One of the highly recommended place with a lot of great reviews.­­

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