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The Truth About CBD Oil Pet Products

The Truth About CBD Oil Pet Products

Cannabis has been a hot topic for a long time in many aspects of modern culture. It has been influential in creating a new subculture in many cities worldwide. Some states and countries think it is dangerous as they believe it can lead to other drugs. These are often the more hazardous types like meth; Cannabis CBD Oil was supposed to be the gateway to all of that. Research seems to show otherwise, so there is hope for these places to change their mind.

The History On Prohibition And Drug Use

Here in the US, prohibitions were set in the mid-1900s to take control of drug use. The so-called “war on drugs” was labeled as a success by some sectors like in this article, but the evidence says otherwise. Arguably, it even became worse, with more drugs being smuggled in the country even till today. There are also hundreds, if not thousands, of incarcerated individuals who were still incriminated despite lack of evidence. The US federal government is doing its best to destroy this specific industry, and there are hopes for success.

Meanwhile, one of the drugs that were illegal at that point was cannabis. Many labeled it as a “spawn of the devil” because of its psychedelic properties. The images that people saw were either weird or terrifying, and even more so for first-timers who are not aware of what the substance can do. It has created bad publicity on the plant itself, causing bans all over the world. It is still the case in some countries like those in Asia, where there is little to no hope of changing it.

As the United States is slowly changing its stance against the substance, some states have started doing it independently. The medical research surrounding cannabis has created during the prohibition years, but it wasn’t until the 20th century when it would be deemed acceptable by the general public. Now, you can see public personalities like celebrities and politicians who endorse cannabis-based products. If it had happened ten years ago, those people would have lost their jobs.

However, there is a new direction on the horizon. With all the research surrounding CBD oil, people are starting to realize its potential. For one, it is not only for humans anymore, as some pet owners would say. Animals can also use CBD as a way for them to become healthier. At first, it was seen as a trend; most of these do start as a questionable trend on social media.

Although, many veterinarians believe that this could be the future of animal care.

Being Your Own Vet

One of the main benefits of CBD oil is its help on pain. Animals do feel pain all the time as we do when we are sick or hurt. However, some pet owners think that these creatures can soldier on and heal themselves. We have domesticated some of these animals to the point that they are dependent on us, so we must pay our dues and help them. Cannabidiol travels through their bodies and influences their nervous system not to register the pain in their brain.

Another benefit of cannabidiol oil is its effect on behavior. As we have mentioned, it does travel through the nervous system. Once it reaches the brain, it influences some parts of it to release more hormones. Thus, it balances something that was not right before, like dopamine and oxytocin levels. As it is still being studied, we can infer through their actions while under the drug’s influence.

Meanwhile, it does not just help the animal sleep but keeps them active as well. For example, dogs tend to respond well to CBD, and it shows through their behavior. Most of them become more active and elicits more positive behaviors, like following commands quickly. Once the effect wears off, the side effects are not as harmful as other options either.

Some Things You Should Know First

Before buying cannabidiol oil, though, it is essential to learn some of the basics. There are so many brands and iterations of the product available that it can be confusing. You would want to start with something pure and straightforward. Use only pure CBD oil without any other compounds as they might not be agreeable to their pet’s health. For example, THC is toxic to most animals, so be careful when giving them any medication.

Another important thing that you need to know is the dosage. It becomes more of a science experiment, as there is no right answer to this query. The dosage will always depend on the size of the animal, as well as their species. Mammals like dogs and cats tend to respond well to CBD, but other species need to be studied further before we can conclude anything. It is easier to keep safe and not buy anything than taking a chance and giving them something potentially dangerous.

Lastly, you would want to see a veterinarian before giving your pet some cannabidiol oil. These doctors are the ones who will know accurately what your pet needs at the moment. Some might not need the medicinal oil for now since they are still healthy enough. Most vets would also not recommend using cannabidiol since they are still not allowed to endorse it, but ask about the possibilities. Once you have deemed it safe according to what the doctor said, try to give the oil in increments like what they do with olive oil here:

Cannabidiol might be the new “it girl” of medicine, but there is still a lot of room for discovery. Once legalization passes, though, we might see more interest regarding the plant and its extracts. We might even have more evidence regarding its effectiveness on animals. All we can do for now is use the products properly, whether it is for ourselves or beloved animal.

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