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How to Choose the Best Wi-Fi Extender for your Home

How to Choose the Best Wi-Fi Extender for your Home
Detail of Wifi range extender.

The internet has become a necessity for every person these days. In our homes, every member of the family has internet-enabled gadgets that require an internet connection. This means that our houses require high-speed internet in every corner. However, this is not always the case and thus the need for a Wi-Fi extender.

The devices available in our homes may be located indoors like computers, TVs, printers among other devices. Other devices are either mobile such as smartphones and tablets, or are located outdoors including smart sprinklers, smart door locks, and smart bulbs.

With the spread of Wi-Fi-enabled devices, there is a need for long-range Wi-Fi in our homes. The Wi-Fi can be provided by a good long-range router or Wi-Fi extender. In our homes, we might already be having a Best Mesh WiFi Router which is either provided by the internet service provider or one that you have bought yourself.

Replacing the router may be a costly affair especially when you want a compatible and wide-coverage router. This is why we recommend getting a Wi-Fi extender that can cover your home fully with high-speed internet.

What to consider when choosing a Wi-Fi extender

A Wi-Fi extender will make your home and users happier. This is because your children will be able to use their devices in their rooms, you can work easily from your area, and the other members of the family can enjoy streaming a movie from the living area.

However, you need to choose a good Wi-Fi extender for you to have all that satisfaction. Here are the features to consider when choosing the best Wi-Fi extender for your home:


As you choose the Wi-Fi extender for your home, you will require one that is compatible with your internet service provider and the home devices. For example, if you are on Xfinity you will need to pick the best Wi-Fi extender for Xfinity. This means that your Wi-Fi booster will be compatible with the Wi-Fi speeds provided by your ISP as well as the internet connection equipment including routers and modems.

Getting a Wi-Fi extender that is compatible with other ISPs is recommended so that in case you change the ISP you will be covered. People change the ISPs for several reasons including getting a better offer, moving to a place where another ISP is offering better services, or even because you have been convinced otherwise.

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Wi-Fi coverage/ range

A good Wi-Fi extender will eliminate dead zones from your home and also ensure all areas get a high-speed connection. This has to be one of the fundamental considerations when choosing a Wi-Fi extender.

To get the best, estimate the area to be covered in square feet or square meters. Then as you shop, get a Wi-Fi booster that can cover slightly more than the estimated area that you need to be covered. This way you will be assured of high-speed internet wherever you are indoors or outdoors.

Availability of Ethernet ports

There are several devices that are available in our homes that require Ethernet connections. These devices include computers, printers, gaming consoles, and Blue-ray devices among others. Some of these devices are located far from the router and will require an extensive lay of Ethernet cables for them to access the internet in your home.

To ease the burden, you can get a Wi-Fi extender with one or more Ethernet ports. The extender can then be situated near where the wired devices are for ease of connection. There are several Wi-Fi extenders in the market today that have Ethernet ports.

Number of devices that the extender can support

The number of devices in our homes that require the internet are growing rapidly. On an average American home, there are over 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices that require the internet simultaneously. Therefore, you will require a good Wi-Fi extender to cover all these devices with the internet.

There are several Wi-Fi extenders available in the market today that can support more than 10 devices with high-speed internet. The connections may also sometimes require an Ethernet connection as described above.

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Ease in setup and configuration

The setup of a Wi-Fi extender can be easy or complicated. This is because of the compatibility options and also because of the setup process. Most Wi-Fi extenders have a very easy setup process.

Some of the Wi-Fi extenders employ the WPS button for setup while others use an Ethernet cable where you can access the graphical user interface of the WiFi extender on a computer. In others, the Wi-Fi extender is supported by an app for ease in setup and management.

Therefore, you can choose the Wi-Fi extender depending on the setup process that you find to be easier for you.

Security and parental controls

Finally, one of the other important features to check as you are choosing your Wi-Fi extender is the security and parental controls. You want your children to be safe online, don’t you?

If so, then ensure that the Wi-Fi extender does not erode the gains made when you get the best parental control router or a router with advanced security features. Several Wi-Fi repeaters offering advanced security features and parental controls are available that you can choose from.


The choice of the best Wi-Fi extender for your home is a walk in the park if you can follow the above factors especially the ones that appeal the most to you. You should be able to get an extender that will offer you the performances that your home and users deserve.

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