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How To Promote Online Casino In 2020

How To Promote Online Casino In 2020

Online casino promotion is a multifaceted and complex procedure, and its importance should not be underestimated. A new game project will start to generate income only after the implementation of a competent marketing plan, because advertising is the only way to convey the necessary information to the consumer and make your virtual gambling club as the best online casino site.

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Specificity of promotion of gambling projects

The gambling business is one of the most competitive niches. Having reached the top of search engine results, competition is presented not only by similar projects, but also by bookmakers, poker rooms and even lotteries.

The best option is to start working on low-frequency, topic-specific queries. Plus, don’t forget about the ban on direct advertising.

Online casino promotion: 5 effective tools

Gambling marketing is a complex solution consisting of various services and technologies. The most convenient and reliable tools for monetizing gambling traffic are:

1. SEO promotion

The main task of this tool is to optimize the site to raise its ranking in the search engine results.

Mandatory steps for completing SEO promotion:

  • Semantic core. Definition of keywords and phrases that fully reflect the subject matter and specificity of the promoted product.
  • Site structure. Search engines are constantly improving their algorithms. By 2020, only those pages that best match the user’s request remained in the search results. To get the best results for your project, you need to create separate pages and sections for each group of “keywords”.
  • Internal linking. Adding links to individual sections and products to facilitate navigation.
  • Usability. The site must meet all gamblers’ requests and be as convenient as possible for regular and long-term use.
  • Quality content. The site should contain thoughtful, readable and informative texts using key queries from the semantic core.
  • External link mass. Links to the casino website are published on third-party sources, usually you need to pay for such links placement.

2. Affiliate programs

Working with an affiliate network is one of the best tools which will help to make your casino site as the virtual gambling club in the network.

The process is structured like this:

  • The casino operator acts as an advertiser and offers to place its materials (links, banners, text ads) on partner resources.
  • Affiliates publish the received links and redirect traffic to the gambling club.
  • The advertiser (casino) pays a monetary reward to the partners for each client referred by the link\banner\ad.

3. SMM advertising (social networks)

Having personal accounts and thematic groups on social networks is the easiest and most reliable way to keep the public interested.

This approach contributes to:

  • attracting the attention of the target audience;
  • identifying interest from new users;
  • maintaining reputation and brand awareness;
  • creating the most comfortable, trusting atmosphere;
  • trusting communication with users and quickly identifying ways to improve the project.

4. CRM system

It is a complex multi-level structure that studies the behavioral characteristics and needs of the casino audience.

The system is designed to perform such actions as:

  • automation of work with typical client requests;
  • creation of a customer base with segmentation according to certain parameters;
  • improving the efficiency of user service;
  • increasing the level of audience loyalty;
  • control of the work of the staff of the institution.

5. Loyalty programs

Specialized bonuses and promotions will help to increase audience loyalty and increase the average session time, for example:

  • access to closed tournaments;
  • cash incentives for replenishing the internal account;
  • free spins;
  • drawing of progressive jackpots;
  • accrual of internal points and rating;
  • seasonal and thematic promotions;
  • personal limits and other.

Online casino promotion is a painstaking and lengthy process that requires a lot of knowledge and significant investments.

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