4 Super Fun Mobile Games You Can Play with Your Friends

Playing Mobile Games is one of the most fruitful ways of spending a weekend, especially when your friends are there to join you. Remember, the Sundays of the last decade or so were spent playing gully cricket, winter badminton tournaments, card games, etc., with the gang. Times have changed, and today, people are busy taking care of their personal and professional responsibilities while hardly having moments to spend with the gang anymore.

However, during the recent lockdown scenario, when individuals had enough time to spend at home, they realized what they have been missing – the moment of fun, entertainment, adventure, and of course, their gang. This was when the super fun mobile games introduced to reunite them with friends and enjoy various games together on a virtual platform while complying with the social distancing norms. According to a recent report published by India TV, in the COVID-hit year, Indians found spending 7 hours a week playing mobile games.

In fact, the hours kept on increasing gradually given the fun and relaxation the games offered while gamers managed their work from home simultaneously. Though there have been a lot of games that caught the attention of the individuals on different online gaming platforms like MPL, there are some that became a real craze among them, which included the 4 super fun mobile games to play with friends online.


If you have been missing the fun, you had with friends while playing rummy, and you still have a chance to play together virtually without having to violate the social distancing norms. Through online rummy, you might not get a physical table to share with friends, but you will have a virtual table to start your game with those you want to join you. There are multiple online platforms you can enjoy the game at with fast gameplay interface and very easy navigation features.

Rummy is a game that involves highly skilled gamers to utilize their analytical abilities, and logical thinking and reasoning to win. It storms your brain to a great extent, broadening your analyzing skills and enhancing your mental capabilities. Being a multiplayer game gives you a chance to connect with friends and make a team that coordinates well. The number of players can range from two to six. A pack of 52 cards uses in the game, and Joker is an integral part of the play. The players receive 13 cards to start with at a time.

The remaining ones comprise a closed deck where the cards placed facing down and an open deck where cards positioned with faces up. The players have to create proper sequences using those 13 cards. Out of the sequences you create, one has to be a pure sequence, which would have three or more cards belonging to the same suit and shouldn’t include a Joker in it

You can visit https://www.mpl.live/rummy/ and start playing now!

Garena Free Fire

When it comes to the popularity of online games, Garena Free Fire not only goes beyond being just popular, it tops the charts too.

Launched in late 2017, the game is compatible with Android and iOS both. The Google Play Store named and awarded it with the Best Popular Vote Game award in 2019. The game anyway was popular among the teens and adults, but the lockdown phase witnessed a commendable growth in the popularity of it.

The first step to win the game is to choose the right character as the game progresses. Each one of them has some special ability that you can use to win the game. Based on the type of game you will be playing; you can select the character. You will have a mini map to follow to check on your enemies and friends. The reticle that you have will serve to be your best friend throughout the game. It changes colour the moment an enemy is in the crosshair. Fire and hit the enemy based on the signals you receive.

Browse through the platforms offering Free Fire and start playing TODAY!!!

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Ludo King

How can we forget the days we used to sit together with friends and family and enjoy playing Ludo? With the same fun, the online version of the same has introduced. Irrespective of the gamers’ age, the game offers an immense sense of pleasure and makes you relive your childhood one more time. As soon as you enter the game as a player, you can share an online generated code with friends for them to join you virtually and start the game instantly.

You have four tokens in each coloured house, which you have to start with one by one until all of them reach the finishing zone and you become a winner. To take the token out of the house to the starting point, you need to roll the dice for a six. As soon as you have that number, you can take a token out of the house and move it as per the number that appears on the dice with every chance you get. The turn moves clockwise from one player to another online. Once all your tokens of your selected coloured house reach the finishing point, you are the winner.

Call of Duty

With a wide array of options for modes to choose from, this game has become gamers’ favourite not specifically when they are at home but forever. You can choose either multiplayer modes or battle royale mode to start with. There are many online resources that offer huge tips and tricks to start with playing the Call of Duty game, which you can browse through from time to time. One thing, however, to be noted here is that you need excellent reasoning abilities to be a winner here. It is tough to play, but the craving to win will keep you going with the same enthusiasm every time.

You can choose your character, your weapons, your mode as per your comfort zone, and kickstart the game. To make sure your weapons are functioning well, you recommend to use the recently added feature, i.e., Gunsmith, that helps you customize your weapons as per your requirements that arise in the game from time to time.

The above-mentioned games, widely accepted as the most preferred super fun mobile games to play with friends. Select the one you think will be the best for you to enjoy and utilize your skills. Go for it!!!

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