Common Dangers And Risks Of Downloading Files From The Internet

One of the major uses of the internet today is downloading files from torrent websites like Pirate Bay. The nature of these files can vary from application, audio files, videos to text documents, music, art, and science.

Although this is a common practice, it has serious implications in terms of internet threats.

The biggest risk of downloading files from the internet is the file itself. There might be a possibility that the file you have downloaded is infected by the virus. This becomes even more serious regarding Peer-To-Peer applications.

Downloading data from peer-to-peer platforms comes with many risks. You are shown viruses disguised under attractive names. If these files are downloaded and opened in the system, the whole system will get infected.

Seeing the potential threat that comes with downloaded files from the internet, we have come here to highlight some of the major dangers and risks.

If you use the internet to download almost anything, this article is a must-read for you.

Dangers & Risks Of Downloading Files From The Internet

We all have downloaded pirated software, applications, movies, games, and other things from the internet without sparing any thoughts on the dangers lurking on the internet.

Attackers and spammers are always prepared to steal users’ personal information and money. Knowing the risks will make you aware of how you must conduct while using the internet.

1. Virus Attacks

Computer viruses are the original malware. They are programs that can easily be deposited in your system, and once executed, they can replicate themselves, damaging other files and folders of the system.

Computer viruses were the first component that coined the term cybercriminals. When the concept of computer viruses was formed, they were just simple jokes by the prankster to annoy the other computer users.

However, with time, it has become a crucial strategy for hackers to hack into other systems.

2. Adware

Adware is also a form of malware that forces unintended advertisement to the users. For example, it can constantly pop up advertising for offensive websites such as pornography and scareware.

Scareware is a false warning that claims your computer is infected by viruses and then convinces customers to buy software that doesn’t even work.

3. Spyware

Spyware is bugs sent to the host computer system to collect data. Unlike viruses and adware, which are malicious, spyware comes from a reputable source. This type of program comes from a reputable company whose sole purpose is to track its software usage.

Although they might not be dangerous, they are still spyware. They can crack open your security layers for the hackers to hack your system.

4. Legal Consequences

Downloading pirated files and folders is a criminal offense. If you are caught uploading and downloading content that comes under copyright law, you might be charged a hefty fine. In the worst-case scenario, you might have to serve a prison sentence.

How To Safely Download Files From The Internet?

The first step for downloading files from the internet is to be cautious about your every action. The Internet can be an ugly place to be if you are not being careful.

The best way to keep yourself away from the risk is to avoid downloading files from the internet for free. Unfortunately, the free you see might not actually be free. They might take payment in ‘Your Personal Information or send malicious content to your device to hack your system.

Using VPN might be a good choice while downloading files from the internet. This is because a VPN masks your original IP address, thereby protecting you from any legal consequences.

You can even take help from antivirus software. Antivirus software can scan you every step on the internet and warn you when you try to enter harmful pages.


There you have it. Now you know the risk associated with the download and the things that you need to avoid. However, even after knowing the risks and dangers that come with the internet, if you want to download files, it is advisable to use a VPN and Antivirus. These two will, at least, notify you about the dangers lurking behind the web pages.

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