Suzuki Ignis – Long Term Tested Review

If you are looking to drive the cleverest car of all time, then Suzuki ignis is the call for you. This car’s look might have mixed reviews, but you cannot get more of the ingenious space usage. With lower running costs, fun factor and a charm, it is always noted to be a sure winner. It is not just your cute-looking small SUV but has so much more.

People will like Ignis right from the start. It comprises its “park everywhere” dimension, fuel-shipping engine and clever interior design. This one is noted to have the all-wheel-drive feature, which comes with loads of kit as its standard rule. Some of this vehicle’s highlights will be reversing camera, autonomous braking, hill descent control, lane departure warning, sat-nav, climate control, and keyless entry and go.

The Amazing Features never stop coming:

What never ceases to amaze users with Suzuki Ignis was the amount of space packed inside that little SUV. The proportions of the interior always seem to defy logic whenever you consider the tiny stature of the car on the road.

  • Whenever you are in your driver’s seat, the upright and simple dash and steep windscreen will lead to a higher roofline. It will make the small car feel tall from within.
  • Even the light-coloured trim will add that spacious feel, and things will start getting better in the back. People will have enough head and legroom, even in the back.
  • However, the people in the back will sit almost directly over the rear wheels, so potholes and speed bumps might not be a good experience.
  • Suzuki Ignis is known to have two rear seat belt points to ensure the driver and the pilot’s safety. So, overall, this car is a good shot to give a try, at least.

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More to know:

If you think that the points mentioned above are all that Suzuki Ignis has for you, then think again. The adjustable and sliding split rear seats will offer an option to increase your current boot space. However, the standard 204-litre load bay was enough. If that is not the case for you, you can keep the sliding bench in its place and drop one of the split seats for fitting larger items according to your will.

Moreover, this Suzuki Ignis is a great car to practice driving. With so many features near your hand, you can be an excellent driver in no time. People are always praising the raised seating position and the good visibility that this car provides them. It is a prodigious car for those who live in busy streets and have to cover much traffic daily to reach their destination. So, it is a perfect urban car!

The Perfect Boost of the Engine:

With the help of an electric boost, the car starts to run smoothly. It comprises SHVS mild hybrid system, which will aid the 1.2-litre petrol engine. The power is further supplied by a smaller battery pack located under the passenger seat. The electrical boost will make a brief but highly noticeable difference whenever pulling away.

The Touchscreen Display and more on the Interior Features:

Some people might not like the retro-looking touchscreen display of this car, but those are personal opinions. However, the majority of people like how the touchscreen looks in this car. This current ability to connect through Bluetooth, USB or just sliding in the CD seems appealing to many people, and there is always the backup of the DAB radio. Even the sat-sav of this car was pretty easy to use with visual cues available for turning on the motorways. It even consists of one handy exit turning icon for covering the roundabouts. Moreover, this car has a speed warning icon too. If you are going too fast, the vehicle will warn you about that, and you can slow down the pace.

All these features might be small but quite important when you are taking your car for a ride. Seeing all these major features included in a small SUV car like Suzuki Ignis is a great surprise. So, Suzuki Ignis is a great family car overall!

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