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Why iGaming is Famous Among Busy People

Why iGaming is Famous Among Busy People

There was a time when players  would sit right in front of each other to play a game. Well, those times are gone. The Internet has changed everything, and now some games enjoy much wider audiences. Moreover, now you can play with anyone in the world, wherever you are. 

There are more online players today than ever before. Such a lively online scene helped to shape the concept of iGaming. But what is iGaming? Stay with us and find out. Also, follow our guest specialist, Péter Deli, and read all about the iGaming industry. 

About iGaming

iGaming is basically gambling on online matches or events. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry in Hungary and the rest of the world, which comprises the most varied games, from online casinos found at to League of Legends and FIFA. Online games used to be dominated by teenagers playing games like Counter-Strike, or older people playing slots and bingos. Still, why is iGaming popular among busy professionals in Hungary and the globe?

Advantages of iGaming

One of the best things about playing online is that iGaming saves time. All you need is a smartphone with an Internet connection. Faster and more reliable connectivity, allied to ever-better mobile devices, offer endless options. You can read about the latest trends in online casinos here.

Since you can play from home, you can avoid the hassle of travelling long distances, or worse, staying in overcrowded spaces. Another crucial advantage of online gaming is the myriad of payment methods available. 

About Generational Differences

Online gambling audiences used to be composed mainly of older players. However, times are changing. Data from Statista about gambling habits in the UK since 2013 shows a shift in most engaged age groups. It used to be those players ageing between 55 and 64, to those ageing between 35 and 44. The second group that gambles the most ages from 45 to 54. 

That’s when online games come in handy. Most of those players would play much less, or just wouldn’t play at all, if they had to travel to find a land-based casino. Mobile gambling made the activity much more accessible. 

Slots – A Dying Tradition?

We’re used to seeing entire floors dedicated to slot machines in land-based casinos. Prominent online casinos also have extensive catalogues for the one-armed bandits. However, some specialists think that the majority of those machines will be gone in a decade. How come? Slots enjoy little popularity among younger players. 

In fact, James Murren, the CEO of MGM Resorts International, foresees an entirely different casino floor in ten years. Instead of slot machines all over the place, there’ll be space for consoles and large screens. There are casinos already freeing space on the floor for table games and restaurants. 

Some studios are developing slots for high-end consoles, like Xbox and PlayStation. Those studios are including new features in their slots to make them a little more skill-based. Those games can also be played online for real money. It’s an attempt to attract younger players to the game. 

Consoles and Online Casinos

Video games and online gambling have met earlier than many readers might expect. Nintendo tried to bring the lottery to American homes in 1991. The quirk project was way ahead of its time and barely had the technology to make it work. Also, there was no way of keeping kids away from gambling. The idea was dropped and never passed the test stage. 

None of those problems exist today. Consoles use cutting-edge technology and are adapted to play online. Online casinos have several ways to check identity before allowing users to play. Besides, more casinos are investing in VR games, and consoles enjoy a privileged position to reap the benefits. 

Indeed, consoles aren’t as practical as mobile devices for online gambling. It still requires you to sit in front of a TV. Still, you can play at several casinos through your video game without ever having to leave home. 


For those who live a fast-paced life, are constantly juggling work, college, or have family and kids, online gambling is the only way of gambling. It can be enjoyed from a couch, after a busy day, and even while commuting. Thanks to technology, gambling is now a pastime that fits in any moment of the day.

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