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Learn how you can invest in gold

Learn how you can invest in gold

In most cases, if you decide to invest in gold directly, you have three options. You can choose to buy the physical asset, buy shares of a mutual or what is called exchange-traded fund that tend to replicate the gold price, or you may trade futures and options that are in the commodities market. For example, an average investor can choose to purchase gold coins while a sophisticated investor can create strategies utilizing options on gold futures. In this article, you will learn how you can invest in gold.

Purchasing gold bullion

Gold can be more accessible to average investors than other commodities because you can easily buy gold bullion from precious metals dealers as well as from a brokerage or bank. You can find bullion bars in a variety of sizes that can range from a quarter-ounce wafer to up to a 400-ounce brick. But remember that coins are usually preferred by new investors.

For maximum liquidity, many buyers tend to go for the widely circulated gold coins including the Canadian Maple Leaf and the American Eagle. So whatever your choice, it’s important to make sure that you are purchasing from a reliable dealer. You can buy these coins either through the internet or in person. As you may be aware, gold coins need safekeeping either in your home safe, or a bank safe deposit box.

Gold allows you to have the experience of wearing when it comes to gold jewelry. Gold is usually used with other precious metals and gems to improve the overall appearance and value of the jewelry. You can pass their pieces to the next generation to add sentimental value. However, jewelry is usually the right option if you want to use it as an investment because its retail price can exceed the meltdown value. Before you can establish a gold IRA, you should read gold IRA company reviews.

Purchasing gold funds

Purchasing gold funds is usually considered to be more feasible than a barrel of oil or any other commodities. Therefore, if you intend to have a low-cost entry into this gold market, then you may need to opt for mutual funds or exchange-traded funds that sometimes replicate the movement of the commodities. 

You can find some common gold shares that are exchange-traded funds. You can buy and sell shares traded on some stock exchange during the trading day. You should note that each share of the exchange-traded funds represents a tenth of a gold’s ounce. 

You can find some funds that only invest in bullion to give you the right direct exposure to the precious metals price movements. On the other hand, others tend to invest both in shares and in bullion of publicly traded companies that deal in gold mining, production, or refining.

In most cases, gold stocks can rise and fall quicker than the price of gold. There are many companies out there that usually face some unrelated problems to bullion prices like environmental issues or political factors. Hence, investing in exchange-traded funds that have gold stocks can expose you to higher risks. That said, keep in mind that it still provides appreciation potential which can be pretty appealing to many investors.

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