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What is the meaning of “Limited Access” Wi-Fi?

What is the meaning of “Limited Access” Wi-Fi?

A wireless networking technology that has completely changed the way how data is transmitted from one computer to another, Wi-Fi connectivity is not unheard of. It allows your devices such as computers, smartphones, smart devices, printers, smart home devices, etc. to be managed over the internet. This connection between devices and having access to the internet leads to the creation of a wireless network connection.

This wireless internet connectivity is made possible through a wireless router. A wireless router allows your devices to connect to the network wirelessly i.e. without being connected to a cable. The Wi-Fi itself is connected to a router or access point which provides a connection to the internet.

Note that Wi-Fi and the internet are not the same things. Rather, Wi-Fi is a pathway that creates a local wireless connection between devices. Through this connection, you can print pictures or survey your home monitoring cameras, without being connected to the internet. But at the same time, Wi-Fi also provides your devices access to the internet, if need be.

Limited Access to Wi-Fi

You will usually receive the ‘Limited or no connectivity’ notification on your computer or phone when it is not receiving signals from the wireless network. You will not be able to access the internet and other network resources. The problem could arise from your own device, the internet service provider (ISP), or other network connection issues.

Limited Access to Wi-Fi can happen due to various reasons.

  • Incorrect Wireless Key/Password. You need a WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) Personal or WPA2 Personal security pin or password to be able to connect to a secure wireless network. If you have changed the wireless settings of your router, you may encounter this error. To avoid this error, you can check the wireless security setting of your router for a new key or password, or reset it all over again.
  • Wireless MAC Filter enabled on Router. The Wireless MAC Filter feature restricts the number of wireless clients that can access connection to the wireless network. Most routers have a Wireless MAC Filter feature available. Make sure it stays disabled.
  • Ensure Your Router is Working Properly. The wireless connectivity in your devices will perform better if the drivers in your wireless router are up-to-date. You can contact your hardware manufacturer about the specifications of your router. You can even check the connectivity status of other wireless devices within the network. If there are no issues with connectivity, then the router should be working fine.
  • Distance from Router. Make sure your devices, that are connected to the router are placed within its cover range. Your devices may also experience interference from neighbouring wireless devices like cordless phones or microwaves. Change the channel of your router to avoid such wireless interference.
  • Outdated Router Firmware. You also need to keep the router firmware updated to fix bug issues. If all your wireless devices are having such connection problems, then you may need to update the router’s firmware. You can reboot your computer so it can request a new IP address assigned from the now-functioning router.

If the problem persists, reach out to the manufacturer of the router to see if there is a new firmware for it. Although routers are in fact small computer hardware with running software for creating a network connection, all software can have bugs, even the router. This is why the firmware needs to be constantly updated to fix bug issues.

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Limited Access WiFi problem is completely a normal issue for you to go through. Time and again, your Wi-Fi system needs to be updated to deal with new bugs. This is also why routers are updated with advanced technologies. Although with the ‘limited access’ Wi-Fi you will not be able to access the internet, you can still perform other activities such as using the printer, accessing the smart home technology, etc.

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