Name the Best 2022 Learning Management System for Business

Coming to a corporate learning system, provides a framework that goes on to handle all critical aspects associated with the training of employees. It means housing and tracking the training content. For the L& D teams, the objective of corporate training is to make things a tinge easier. Some of the best learning management systems for business are as follows


It goes on to assign new courses for the employees which aremodeled in such a way that they are able to work on their new skills. What it does is that it allows the subject matter experts to formulate bit-sizedmodels, This is in the form of microlearning and sharing knowledge with their peers. A major benefit of the same is that the employees are able to obtain training on the go. Some of the prominent features of the learning management system are as follows

  • There are a variety of learning methods, that includes webinars and learning on the go.
  • The searching of the content occurs in a filtered manner by a supervisor at the specific location of their choice
  • For the employees to complete their training modules reminders to be sent

SAP Litmos

By the use of the SAP Litmos, training tends to be deployed on days, and it is something that can be quickly integrated with the learning systems like a CRM or a web conferencing tool. Its main utility is that it helps in targeted learning, promotes employee engagement, and is compliant with the needs of an organization

  • You could end up choosing from 30 + box connectors or go on to formulate your own open APIs
  • The encryption of data takes place and this is held behind a firewall
  • Ready-to-use modules are provided when it comes to compliance.


This works out to be an employee training method that goes on to simplify the process of training creation, implementation, or be it management software for an organization. It goes on to provide a customized course for the benefit of the employees. The effectiveness of training is provided with on-demand practice tests and a series of quizzes in place. Some of the key features are

  • An automated system of learning that goes on to manage itself
  • There are quiz questions with free responses that go on to monitor and engage the progress of an individual.
  • An easy to builder support, that goes on to provide support to a variety of content and helps in the creation of lessons.


The corporate Learning Management System of Paycor has gone on to deserve a lot of attention in the last few years. An administrator is able to organize training when it comes to the needs of teams, departments or organizations. Interactive online content can be developed in the form of surveys, and the courses are optimized in such a manner that they can pick it up from any remote corner of the world. The features include

  • Goes on to extend support to a wide variety of e-learning platforms
  • The player is expected to hide sidebar menus


No discussion would be complete without the mention of Whatflix as an e-learning module. On all counts, it happens to be the perfect addition when it comes to your learning and development strategy. With them, the L & D team can go on to develop in-built content, and smart tips are provided to the employees where they can go on to digitalize the entire process. What it does is that it enables an organization to have a self- help centre when it comes to the needs of an organization. It does allow an organization to search for conceptual issues relating to the process along with the important type of company documents.

The beauty of Whatflix is that it goes on to embed it as part of the CRM along with another set of tools. Another aspect to consider is that the integration capabilities are bound to exist with all form of CMS. By using the same your employees are able to obtain in app guidance, along with interactive walk throughs where they are likely to become masters of the same. It does allow the employees to pick up things without any form of employee support.


Is expected to provide you with a powerful engine configuration, and you are able to develop audience-centric pages. You will be able to develop the same if you are able to use the drag and use functionality. It has gone on to garner a lot of attention due to its ease of use, a robust learning management module and an affordable pricing model . Some of the other features tend to include is that it goes on to extend support to most of the e learning platforms.

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