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How to Use Filmora for A Powerful Video Editing?

How to Use Filmora for A Powerful Video Editing?

One of the top choices for effective video editing on several platforms, including YouTube and many more. You can find many free video editing software with outstanding features in the market. Today, let us check out one of them- Wondershare Filmora. We will walk you through what’s offered by Filmora video editor and how to edit videos with it easily.

Filmora Video Editor – An Overview

Trusted by a community of more than 77 million users, Filmora has been an efficient tool for creating cinematic wonders and videos in tune with any genre or industry. In addition, the easy-to-use interface makes it one of the excellent options for both new and expert uses alike. It is your one-stop solution in providing you with a practical experience in video editing that is both playful and effective.

Filmora Video Editor – An Overview

The built-in features that form part of the package can prove Filmora to be a great option for creating your videos with just a few simple steps. More than a billion stock media can further make it one of the excellent choices. It comes with free stock photos, images, stickers, and GIFs. Over 100 Instant Mode and pre-set modes can further make it a truly great option in every sense of the word.

Download and Install Filmora Video Editor

Available on both Windows and Mac, Filmora provides users with a free trial to explore its abilities. Download and install Filmora Video Editor from the official website and launch it.

Let’s first check the system requirements before moving forwards:

Windows Users:

Supported OS: Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10/Windows 11 (64-bit OS).

Processor: Intel i3 or better multicore processor, 2GHz or above.

RAM: 4 GB RAM (8GB required for HD and 4K videos).

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later; AMD Radeon R5 or later. 2 GB vRAM (4GB required for HD and 4K videos).

Mac Users:

Operating System: macOS V12 (Monterey), macOS v11 (Big Sur), macOS v10.15 (Catalina), macOS v10.14 (Mojave).

Processor: Intel i5 or better multicore processor, 2 GHz or above

Memory: 8 GB RAM (16 GB required for HD and 4K videos).

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later; AMD Radeon R5 or later. 2 GB vRAM (4 GB required for HD and 4K videos).

The Complete Review of Filmora Video Editor

Let us now take on Filmora Video editor in finer detail and check out the individual features one by one.

The Interface

The easy-to-use and the decluttered interface is the prime attraction that makes Filmora the prime choice and a preferred option for almost all your expectations. The smoother interface is a perfect choice for beginners, irrespective of whether you have any specific skills in video editing.

All the features and functions are arranged in an easy-to-use manner. You will not find any complicated menu structures and steps. The user interface is divided into three sections – Library, Preview, and Timeline. Each of them comes with its own plus points.

Media Import and Timeline

You can import videos and photos instantly into the software with a simple drag-and-drop feature. Importing videos from Facebook, Instagram and Flickr are also supported.

Media Import and Timeline

You can use either the drag and drop import options or opt for the traditional browse and pick an option to import your files.

Basic video editing: trim, split, cut, delete videos, etc.

The basic functions such as trimming, splitting, cutting, and deleting your videos available on Filmora are worthy of the effort.

Basic video editing trim, split, cut, delete videos, etc.

There are several benefits and possibilities that you would find all the more unique with Filmora video editor –

  • You can add multiple colors available from the library
  • Remove the clips that you do not want from the library
  • Add and remove the background from the videos.
  • Change the video and its properties by opting for several options for as desired, such as 6:9 (widescreen), 4:3 (standard), 1:1 (Instagram), and 9:16 aspect ratio (portrait).
  • Remove the gaps you may find between the two clips.

Video Effects and transitions

Filmora offers you many transitions to choose from. A few of the options that you would find all the more exciting can include Basic, 3D, Ripple & Dissolve, Speed Blur, Warp, Lifestyle, Slideshow, Linear, Plain Shape.

Video Effects and transitions

As for the effects, you have over 12 categories to choose from, among Shake to Night Life to Instagram-Like, which uses familiar names like Amaro, Brannon, and Hefe. The new high-quality effects that you would find quite impressive can include Newblue FX and Boris FX. The options to remove background from the video can help you further in enhanced video editing.

Audio Edit

The audio editing options available on Filmora should make it one of the unique options, and you have access to a host of options that include text-to-speech, speech-to-text, audio ducking, and silent detection.

Text-to-speech and speech-to-text features can prove to help convert voices into text or subtitles and convert the text to voiceover. The audio ducking feature can help lower one of the tracks when using the narrations and voiceovers. Silence detection is a useful feature that detects the silent sections of the video and removes them as per your selected criteria.

Export options

Once you are done with the video editing tasks, you can export the final video onto your PC or even upload it directly to YouTube. The export section provides you with several options for uploading your videos.

Export options

The Concluding Thoughts

The primary reason why Filmora is a popular video editor among YouTubers is the robust interface that is quite easy to use and the advanced set of features that does not need any additional skills or a steep learning curve. The flexible pricing and subscription options would further make it an excellent choice to go with.

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