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Various Levels of Supply Chain Management

Various Levels of Supply Chain Management


The world is often enveloped by supply & demand issues, be it food, cosmetics, toiletries, clothes, electronics, electrical appliances, furniture – you name it. Often the FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) dominate the scene, however supply chain management is imperative to ensure continuous supply. An end-to-end model from procurement of raw materials to actual manufacturing and then distribution is what helps run most of our global trade. Supply chain management solutions augment this entire process, driving efficiency plus productivity. Therefore, let us explore the various levels in supply chains which determine the fate of end-product journeys.

How can Supply Chain Management be improved?

Let us consider & review issues with the current conventional supply chain management system. These include:

– Bottlenecks in the supply chain, caused by inefficiencies in process accountability

– Disconnected global systems create gaps in supply chain management

– Discontinuity of data management via poor sharing frameworks

– language barriers & miscommunication across various demographic or geographical zones

– delays in lead times, reducing market competitiveness

– exchange rate transactional costs, time zone & cash flow misalignment

These collectively lead to delays, lower compliance, financial risk & insufficient quality control. This is where Supply Chain Risk Management Solutions come into play.

What do supply chain management solution providers do?

Operations and supply chain management solutions ensure that there is greater choice provided across various marketplaces. With greater margins, cost & resource efficiency savings can also be achieved. This also offers learning opportunities plus reduced risk measures, as a global supply chain management solutions model.

What benefits do supply chain management solutions provide?

Many in fact – here are just a few of them:

– Enhanced supplier collaboration, promoting better negotiation rates & relationships

– Improved quality control instills further faith within suppliers & reduces the probability of delays

– Shipping optimization ensures more efficient distribution & logistics, saving resources, minimizing environmental impact

– Lower inventory & overhead fees: efficient practices will inevitably reduce security & warehouse storage costs

– Increased risk mitigation with better demand planning, procurement

– Robust & regular cash flow: now never experience revenue gaps again or be left penniless!

– Greater commercial agility to become more adaptable to investment opportunities

– Enriched visibility & data analytics propels live data monitoring for ultimate cognizance of all processes, promoting further accountability

TradeEdge – a revolutionary Supply Chain Management Solution

Edge Verve’s TradeEdge delivers the ultimate supply chain management solution, offering:

– responsive to demand signals, curbing lost sales opportunities for quick fulfillment & profit

efficient continuity of supply chain operations, better agility & forecast ability for apt connectivity

– flexible & open view platform to adapt to contemporary needs & supply trends

– simplified stock channels ensure always ready to deliver protocol with connected availability

– fast, effective & economical supply chain management with a commercial opportunistic outlook

TradeEdge Network promotes growth by connecting enterprises on peer-to-peer responsive networks for product, services plus information needs. It is an accredited multi-enterprise, globally reaching layered platform. This enables multi-connectivity with its unique architecture. Traceable item planning is yet another benefit that this offers.

Moreover, it also:

– connects businesses to niche customers & suppliers to minimize demand-supply gaps on an almost live basis, maximizing fulfillment

– Drives supply resilience, as assisted businesses create other sources of supply, strategically shifting inventory within the network

– Promotes informed decision making on order fulfillment via advanced dashboards

– Encourages brand loyalty & retention with enhanced channel partner & customer experience

Sales growth, market responsiveness & traceability are just a few of the advantages that TradeEdge offers. Better versatility & visibility propel growth.

Two main trends promoting contemporary distribution strategies for Consumer Goods Manufacturers, include:

– large volumes of new products being displayed and a sharp increase in consumer preference for ecommerce and prompt deliveries

– In this new model, order fulfillment at speed is more profitable

This will be the competitive differentiator, whilst upholding customer experience. However, it does not stop just there – oh no. Just look at these positively determining factors which affect supply chains too:

– Inventory deployment should be accessible whenever and wherever required, as per demand

– efficiency has evolved even further with production plans. This warrants execution agility – being able to connect & fill gaps in forecasting, placing the order as per the inventory location.

It augments promptly adjusting delivery plans, according to the preferences of parties or situational factors.

Forecasting accuracy, eliminating ghost stock which misleads everyone, efficiency, responsiveness & handling uncertainty are further features offered by TradeEdge. Its distinct architecture enables demand forecasting & sensing (as aforementioned), execution analytics for performance-based customer growth & new or alternative procurement searchability. Supply risks can be curbed, whilst customer loyalty can be boosted with better channel & journey experiences. Customers entrust this system to strategically shift stock within the system when required to balance supply & demand, synchronizing both together. Now even new customers can be drawn in, given their adaptability within this entire model.

Finally (as if that were not enough), procurement intelligence promotes increased visibility into the lifecycle including spending insights, categorization & supplier risk Inventory. Live traceability, lower product return turnaround time & intelligent order routing to summarize & divide orders using minimal distance or traveling to boost speed, whilst lowering carbon footprint.


So, supply chain management solutions entail many features, however the key issues addressed are:

– Speed & efficiency of processes via demand signal sensing for predictability & adaptability

– Interconnectivity of various frameworks to unify a universally accessible protocol

– Stock demand & supply alignment for apt plus timely replenishment, as well as transparency

– responsiveness to changes & subsequent management

– promotes informed decision making with flexibility & customizability

– resilience & brand loyalty cum retention via better customer service provisions

This makes supply chain risk management solutions an essential part of any supply chain business!

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