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What is A2P Messaging? Definition, How it Makes Life Easier with Examples

What is A2P Messaging? Definition, How it Makes Life Easier with Examples


The majority of the SMS market is for A2P messaging or application to person. These are the messages sent by companies and public administration through platforms such as SMS public. It estimated that more than 4.1 billion SMS were sent in 2017.

Although we increasingly use SMS to communicate with each other, the sending of SMS A2P is on the rise. And it is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

By having a worldwide coverage, being a little saturated channel and not relying on the internet connection. SMS has become the ideal channel for companies.

The A2P SMS is used in different ways, depending on the sector. From a restaurant remembering a reservation to a bank by sending a verification code. All areas can benefit from this channel.

A2P messaging makes your life easier

However, due to the boom in instant messaging (WhatsApp mainly), traditional SMS between people (SMS P2P) has decreased significantly. Messaging between companies and people (SMS A2P) is booming.

According to the US consultancy Research and Market, SMS A2P will reach a growth rate of 5.7% until 2022.

And these services provide excellent advantages to both private companies and public organizations. At the same time, make life easier for the end user. Sectors such as commercial, health, education, or public administration are the main drivers of this messaging.

Thus, once the consent of the recipient achieved, the SMS is automated and used to send alerts and notifications of great value. They are a new marketing tool.

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Examples of the use of these messages

Advanced solutions of SMS A2P (literal application to person) families, in full return to school. And have been able to buy their children’s books or uniforms more easily or have not forgotten the enrollment deadlines.

They are exchanges of information that save a lot of time and optimize tasks, which, without a doubt. It very much appreciated in the hectic and stressful day-to-day.

Some use’s of this type of notifications are:

Product orders: We have ordered a book or any other product, and we receive an SMS. That tells us that it has already arrived at the store and we can go pick it up.

Notifications of official matters: Using a text message, they confirm that the university registration has been processed correctly, for example.

Appointment reminders: Just in time! An SMS reminds us that we have an appointment at the dentist or our INEM office.

Password confirmation services: They are being used a lot by banks that need to confirm payment codes, for example.

The Product offers: Of course, the A2P SMS is widely used to communicate offers of different products attractive to customers.

It is worth betting on these alert and notification services so that your company evolves and gives a better service to the end-users.

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