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Experts’ Global- All-World at GMAT Prep and MBA Admission Consulting

Experts’ Global- All-World at GMAT Prep and MBA Admission Consulting

As a leader in providing truly complete GMAT prep assistance and MBA admission consulting, Experts’ Global has cultivated a global reputation for excellent results and raised the level of play for students from over 50 countries since its 2008-inception.


MBA Admission Consultancy

Experts’ Global’s MBA admission consulting centres upon providing each student with engaged, personal guidance, enabled by the firm’s boutique nature. Conditioned on a limited annual student intake, the firm’s approach ensures that each student gets the necessary, careful mentorship for success. Embodied in the “End to End Admission Consultancy” ethos, the company’s constant encouragement to students through each admissions process step is dependable. A consistent pride in their results has allowed Experts’ Global to place students in each of the world’s top one-hundred and fifty business schools.

ISB Admission Consultancy

Even though Experts’ Global has a global mastery of B-school admissions processes, they specialize in ISB, the Indian School of Business. Catering to the Indian student populace, the firm has made sure to familiarize its admissions consultants with the finer points of the school’s admission process. Matching its usual care to detail with the majority aspirations of Indian MBA seekers, Experts’ Global has helped 90% of its ISB students secure interview calls.

Training for Admission Interviews

MBA admission consultancy is only truly complete when it comes to MBA interview preparation assistance. The sheer importance of interviews pushed Experts’ Global to formulate an extensive admission interview training methodology to benefit students worldwide. This methodology is conditioned on a mentor-mentee relationship. The process kicks off with a 15-part video module covering the basics of excellent MBA admissions interview performance. Thereafter, a questionnaire of the 30 most commonly asked MBA interview questions completed by the student reveals their conceptual grasp to the mentor. The following mocks are constructed accordingly to fill in their gaps, a process aided by regular mentor-mentee feedback sessions.

GMAT Prep Program

Experts’ Global provides an exhaustive font of GMAT knowledge to students through its online, on-demand GMAT preparation program. The firm packages over three hundred conceptual videos and four thousand practice questions to present a complete GMAT preparation toolkit. The quality of the program is conditioned on its adherence to the GMAT feel. The questions, tests, and concepts explored match the GMAT’s regarding complexity, syllabi scope, and presentation of material. The testing interface is also similar to the GMAT’s, with a screen layout, control scheme, and color palette like the one you’ll see on test day. There’s even an on-screen timer with questions to warn you of spending too much time on a question. The program recreates the GMAT experience quite well!

Mock Tests

Offering 15 excellent GMAT mock tests, Experts’ Global equips GMAT takers with the best, GMAT-like, prep tools there are. One takes this test series via Experts’ Global’s GMAT-like interface, and can also access the in-built analytics that assesses student performance to isolate their strengths and weaknesses. The analytics consider student performance patterns across multiple mocks to highlight their strengths and weaknesses in concepts, areas that are time-consuming to them, their accuracy and speed, and other similar aspects.

Live Classroom Program

The Experts’ Global online program is presented alongside a separate live classroom program. The classes, held by Mr. Srivastava over the weekends, provide students with deep GMAT insight. Participants in the classes have universally praised Mr. Srivastava’s comprehensive GMAT expertise, and the lessons he imparts as a 99th percentile on the test. These students also benefit from access to the firm’s entire online training material bouquet.

Experts’ Global’s GMAT training and MBA admission consultancy have enabled countless MBA seekers to realize their educational dreams, and the firm is set to do the same for you as well!

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