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How to bet on sports and claim a bonus

How to bet on sports and claim a bonus

Changes to the laws regarding online betting are moving through the United States, with several regions acting quickly to lift the long-running ban on gambling. The blanket ban that was in place for several years meant Americans and visitors to the states could only gamble on sports in Las Vegas. That often meant a long journey then placing more bets than you intended to make the most of the trip. That is now a thing of the past, and that’s a rule change that is already providing popular.

Sports betting isn’t yet legal in all states of America. Some areas like New Jersey moved to permit online and land-based sports betting as soon as possible while others like New York and California put it to a vote, allowing the people to decide. A small number of states seemed happy to stick with what they know, keeping in place the ban. This could be a tactic designed to see how the betting goes in other states before deciding.

The most obvious benefit to an area permitting sports betting is the spike in revenue created by having bookmakers present in a state and taxing them on their profits. There is no definite number a state can tax bookmakers, so it can be as high or low as the area believes it should be. Getting that number correct is important. If governors undercharge, they will be losing potential tax dollars and inviting sportsbooks to swamp the market. Aim too high, and they could scare off the big names.

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It’s time to prepare

The chances are new sports betting laws have been passed in your region or an area you intend to visit soon. If that’s the case, it’s time to prepare. As with anything, especially when money is involved, it’s important to fully prepare before you begin betting. You’ve got to know and understand the market before you lay your cash down on the table. There’s no point planning to learn as you go because that could prove to be a costly mistake.

The more you know about the business, the better your chances are of making a profit. Start with researching the rules regarding online betting in your state. Is the practice of wagering on professional sports using a home computer or smartphone app legal or illegal? How long has that been the case, and what are the restrictions? Are you able to bet with any legal and licensed bookmaker you like, or must you play through a state-owned bookie? There are many questions, and it’s crucial that you get the correct answers.

Spend time doing your research. Reading the small print on gambling may not seem exciting, especially when you want to start placing bets on the NFL, NBA and MLB, but doing so could prove the difference between profit and loss. You want to minimise the chances of you learning the hard way and paying the bookie for your mistake.

How to register for an account

Before you start betting on sports, you must have an account registered at an online bookmaker. This takes just a few minutes to do, and you must complete the process only once. Be sure to choose a reputable and reliable bookie with a generous welcome bonus, great odds, and a wide range of sports and markets to bet on. You can create an account using your desktop computer or smartphone by following the below steps.

  • Visit the homepage of your chosen bookie and click sign up
  • Fill in the registration form, providing all necessary information
  • Create a memorable but secure username and password
  • Make your first deposit and place a bet
  • Any welcome bonus will be added to your account

How to get a bonus

Most online betting apps offer new customers a welcome bonus which is a reward for choosing them over the competition. These promotions come in many different shapes and sizes, but the most common at present is a free bet.

If you follow the steps above, you will qualify for your new player promo, which will be free bet tokens equal in value to your first deposit and wager.

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