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Fleet Tracking Improves Your Delivery Times

Fleet Tracking Improves Your Delivery Times

While most of the brick and mortar businesses have been on the decline, sales have not decreased but have shifted to online channels. However, this shift has not done away with the need for customers to get their merchandise and services instantly. It has left businesses with the challenge to ensure fast deliveries conveniently.

One way that businesses can ensure quick delivery is to track delivery vehicles using fleet tracking technologies, including GPS and cameras. So, how can tracking of delivery fleet vehicles help improve delivery times?

Better Driver-Dispatcher Communication

When it comes to drivers who are also servicemen, for example, plumbing or electrical technicians, the dispatching department can assign them duties while the servicemen are not yet back to the company premises. With an excellent automated fleet tracking system, the dispatchers can communicate smoothly with the driver and others and explain to them where they have dispatched, details of the job, and other things. If the driver held up attending to another customer, he would inform the dispatching office, so they assign another person the responsibility. This smooth communication and removing the need to have the driver back in the office to be dispatched improves the speed of delivery.

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Improved Routing for Fast Arrival

After a delivery vehicle is released headed to the customer or a driver is dispatched to an assignment, the next critical thing is to ensure they can get to the clients as fast as possible. However, it does not mean that to get to the client, the driver has to over-speed or ignore other rules. The secret to the timely and safe arrival at the destination is to have efficient route planning and automated dispatch. With GPS fleet tracking, the closest driver can be dispatched to the client and consider traffic slowdowns, and other things that may affect speedy delivery can find. It will ensure that the delivery is done on time.

Businesses that want to improve their delivery times should buy fleet tracking solutions. They can check out more information about Eyeride products, which are market leaders in this area.

Timely Rescues Services

While delivery trucks and other vehicles are on the road, there are possibilities of breaking down, getting involved in accidents, or any other incident that may delay the arrival of the merchandise or service members to the customer. If the vehicle with problems fitted with a GPS tracking device, alerts will be sent instantly to the fleet controllers or managers who will evaluate the situation and can tell where the vehicle is. If they think it needed, they will send assistance or rescue services. This notification can come in handy where the cellphone network is not available or in remote locations since GPS does not need the cell network to work.

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Minimize Breakdowns by Monitoring Vehicle Servicing

Fleet tracking, especially GPS solutions, comes with modules to ensure that preventative maintenance is done. It involves having schedules of vehicle servicing to avoid minor issues from graduating to significant problems. While this preventative maintenance reduces repair costs and other costs, it reduces incidents of avoidable vehicle breakdowns, which delay delivery.

The Bottom Line

Fleet tracking is crucial in improving delivery times through improved routing, better communication between drivers and dispatchers, facilitating fast rescue in case of an incident, and reducing vehicle breakdown through preventative maintenance.

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