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Best Excel Repair Tool for XLS and XLSX Files

Best Excel Repair Tool for XLS and XLSX Files

Excel files get corrupted for many reasons, such as when the system crashes, and the Microsoft application crashes. Just calm down, look for a good Excel Repair Software that works smoothly, and get back your essential excel spreadsheet that your clients need.

With the professional Stellar tool, you have a great chance to recover XLS and XLSX files. In this article, We will discuss this repair tool in this article.

The recovery rate is the most important criterion of an Excel recovery product. Based on our extensive testing, Stellar Excel Repair has the best recovery rate, far better than any other competitor on the market!

Why do Excel Files get Corrupt?

Excel files can become corrupted if not saved correctly. It could be because you didn’t close the program correctly, or it closed abruptly due to a power outage, hardware failure, or a virus or malware attack.

There is also a chance that your spreadsheet was not saved correctly due to a bug in your Excel or Microsoft Office software or that your file cannot be saved due to inadequate or damaged sectors on your HDD(Hard Drive) or storage device. Recognize or read correctly.

Do I want to use a Data Recovery Program?

Even though Microsoft Office and Excel have repair programs that can help you recover data from a corrupted spreadsheet, they are not foolproof. Sometimes these repair programs can only partially recover your data and may only retrieve data from the last save. It is well to install a data recovery program on your computer in most cases. You can install a data recovery program specially designed for excel file recovery, such as Stellar Excel Repair, or you can purchase one that works with all Microsoft Office applications, such as Stellar Excel Repair Tool.

Stellar Repair for Excel review at a look

These are the main features of Stellar Repair for Excel application:

Recover Corrupt Excel Files

This Excel repair tool allows you to repair. After running the tool on your system, you can add any Excel file regardless of its size or content. This tool quickly repairs multiple Excel files without slowing down or lagging your system. Processes the files and completes the task without changing the original file.

Complete Data Recovery

Excel recovery tool recovers your lost or inaccessible workbook with all included components. Retrieve data with embedded text, images, numbers, comments, merged cells, and conditional formatting (font, colour, hyperlinks).

Friendly Interface

You do not need to be technocratic to repair and recover Excel files. Stellar Excel Repair Tool has a friendly interface that allows for simplified operations. Recover your damaged workbooks in three easy steps: a) load the damaged Excel file, b) view the recovered data, and c) restore it to the desired location.

Instant preview of the repaired file

View your Excel Spreadsheets as soon as they are fixed, and no additional platform is required to view the data. The user can closely look at the recovered data before saving the files to the desired location.

Fast Batch Recovery

Excel repair tool allows users to perform smooth batch file recovery in a single cycle. You can upload hundreds of Excel files at once without lag or performance degradation.

Integrity without compromise

Recover Excel file data in 100% original structure without changing embedded properties of Excel files.

Largely Compatible

Excel Repair Tool ensures smooth recovery of Excel spreadsheets created in any version of MS Excel (2019-, 2016-, 2013-, 2010-, 2007-, 2003-, XP-, 2000-, 97-, 95 files). It can be installed on any Windows workstation (including Windows 10 and 11).

If you want to try the software for free or buy it, visit this link.


For me, Stellar Repair for Excel is easy to use yet potent tool to repair Excel files. Your Excel file can get corrupted by a virus or in any other way at any time. This program can repair those corrupted files and keep you relaxed.


  1. Please close all Excel programs while running any repair program.
  2. If you have any formulas in your Excel spreadsheet or workbook, install the Extension Analysis ToolPak add-in.
  3. Habit a good antivirus program to ensure the virus does not damage your Excel files.

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