A Guide to Better Billboard Location and Design

One of the most important decisions you have to make is the location of your billboards. Keep in mind that the billboard is going to be part of the terrain, and this means the location you choose is going to shape how viewers approach and how the design stands out from the surroundings.

Calculating the Best Locations

Choosing the right billboard or hoarding boards location for viewers is very important. The transport and commuter routes are good options, but there are times when a brand can benefit more by having it on tourist routes. Some locations are close to the road and some are raised high. Some are on the side of an old brick building or an interesting landmark feature like halfway up the hill, but there are those poorly placed.

You should carefully consider the location when choosing the billboard and its size. Location is an important thing not just for the traffic flow, but also for your ability to strategize the location’s potential.

Considering Color vs, the Surroundings

Is the billboard going to stand out in the color palette around it? A billboard that has a sunny beach is going to work well when there are canopy trees along a forested highway, but it isn’t a good option in the Arizona desert. Having a red brick background on your billboard is going to be striking against the sky, but it can easily blend into a brick building. The surrounding is going to affect how a billboard is seen – making it a good idea to build these colors and details into the design strategy of your billboard.

Incorporating the Landscape and Local Conditions

The landscape itself is also important. If you want a billboard to be halfway up a hill as it juts out of a rock, then the perfect eye-catching design is a silhouette of mountain climbers. If you have it appear when drivers come around the corner, drawing a peering creature and saying hello can be an effective approach. This is a good way of surprising and delighting viewers and also showing a high level of awareness and strategy that many don’t see. Locals are going to love it when you manage to work with the local terrain, plant life, weather, and other conditions defining the roadway.

Working with the Weather

How is the weather around the billboard? On a road that always has rain or clouds, you can have figures under an umbrella and the sun on the underside. An image of shade and cooler colors can be a great option on a sun-drenched highway. For a windy highway, you can design a sign or offline promotion that looks interesting or good when waving in the wind.

Sequential Billboard Design

A sequence of billboards is one of the best ways of grabbing attention. Each of the billboards has an 8-second viewing timer. You can say more using a cumulative message. Some people use three billboards to create optical illusions and they become one and then separate when you pass. It is common for truck stops to use a row of billboards to keep the truckers up and invite them for breakfast that includes hot coffee.

A sequential billboard design can be engaging, fun and surprising conversations, especially on a large and open stretch of highway.

Nayomi Lam: