PUBG Mobile: Tips and Tricks to Rock

PUBG Mobile as it stands- Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is now the hot buzz in the town and everywhere. From kids to adults, everyone is deep down in their smartphones and playing this game. The game is all about surviving until all other teams or players are dead. It is just the last man standing kind of a game.

The best thing about it is that four players can play this game together in a team. So, here’s how it goes- every individual can be lying on the bed and playing with his/her friends and fans talk to each other at the same time. Now, how cool is it? You get a plethora of weapons, maps, and what not to win the match and be the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.”

So, there are many YouTubers and people who are rocking in this game. Some of them are earning through the PUBG streaming on YouTube. But, if you are the one who is lacking in the skill sets in this game. If you are unable to get a good Kill Ratio and are embarrassed in front of others by your friends always, then this post might be of great help to you. Moreover, you can buy similar adventurous games using Ubuy Coupon.

In this post, we have brought the guide of some PUBG Mobile tips and tricks which will help you to go full power in the game and rock like a pro

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PUBG Mobile: Where to Land?

See, a single round of PUBG Mobile lasts for half an hour. But, to get to the last zone, you have to be pro and all. Some of the people mess it up and get killed early. So, it might be the reason because you have jumped to the wrong place.

So, there are two kinds of places- loot-dense places where everyone jumps, and then, there are sparsely populated places where no one jumps, and you can also get decent loot. Moreover, as soon as you drop from the cargo plane, you can keep an eye to the places where the fellow gamers are jumping.

So, if you are not the one with crazy pro skill sets of using guns, then try to go to the safe area. Places like Pochinki, Georgopool, Military Base, and School are some places in Erangel where most of the people jump. In Sanhok, it is Bootcamp and Paradise Resort. So, try not dropping here, if you want to last longer in the game.

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Get Some Decent Loot First

Before going in front of an enemy and shooting with shotguns and pistols, try avoiding it and get some decent loot. A decent look means an AR or an SMG so that it’s fine to kill an enemy.

In solo gameplay, it gets even more difficult. In solo, you directly get killed- no knockout or whatsoever. It is the final chance for you when playing solo. So once you hit the ground, you must look for weapons and get armors, helmet, med kids, guns, and extra stuff like frag grenades, smoke grenade, external mag, and more to keep yourself excellent and tight.

It will help you in going after the enemy and keep you safe. Then, as the game moves on, you can hunt airdrops and get power-packed AWM. 

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Don’t Shoot for No Reason

So, I have seen most of the people doing this- shooting for no reason, then some squad will come and shoot you in the head- and bam!! You are gone! No Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

So, this is the ultimate tip for you- a balance between both hiding and when to shoot. If you are using an AR and SMG and you do not have any scope, so you must wait for the enemies to come in close range and then hit the target. If you have a gun like Tommy gun, later, please don’t try to be a pro and shoot at long range.

It will only give your position to the opponents and bam headshot again. But, if you have sniper or scopes, then you can take shots at the enemy. But, using snipers like Kar98 and M24, you must hit the target with precision and accuracy. As if you miss one, you exposed to your position. So, unless you are 100% sure, don’t take a shot with a sniper rifle.

In addition to this, there are so many games that based on same techniques and also some latest off-campus just by adding your email id into your subscribe us section.

Hide and Peek to Kill

It is an excellent tip one can use to shoot at the enemies. Like, if you are in any house and looking for the enemies from the window, it might be dangerous for you. As any enemy might kill you straight out. So, here is the time where peeking comes in the game.

Just pop your head out and spot the enemies. It is the best way to get high accuracy and gentle recoil while being hidden too. But, if someone spots you, straight out you get a headshot and killed. Summing it all up, if you crack the code of how to use the peeking function, you will rock the game for sure.

Using snipers with this function is the icing on the cake. Imagine a zone in open, and you are hiding behind any rock. You can peek and snipe at the enemies. Your sides being covered, and you are looking out for enemies- it is a good way to hide. This feature can enable in the settings where you have to go to the primary menu and allow the Peek & Fire feature.

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Keep in Touch with your Mates

If you are playing in the squad, then the best way to go forward in the game is to play together. Gamers tend to jump alone and not with the squad/team while playing in squad mode. It doesn’t do any good for you.

If you get a squad in front of you and you being alone, you will get killed, and again the mood spoils. So, try playing together, jump to one place, attack in numbers and try not splitting up. It also helps when one member screams for reviving, you can give it to that person.

Keep your audio mic on and talk to your teammates about the plans and strategies. You can also send messages like “Enemies Ahead” and “I need a scope” to keep in touch with them if your audio mic isn’t working. So, it is a good thing to communicate with squad members and go forward in the game.

So, there were some tips and tricks you can apply to your gaming session and get better at PUBG Mobile. Also, one can play the game at the official PUBG Mobile PC Emulator of you are more of a PC gamer and want broad experience with controllers like keyboard and mouse and rock in the game.

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