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4 Best Free Online Doc to PDF Converter You Can Use For Free

4 Best Free Online Doc to PDF Converter You Can Use For Free

PDFs preserve the format of your file. Whenever you have a Doc file, it is advisable to convert that file into PDF. If you’ve been dealing with different file formats, you probably already know that. But sometimes, converting Doc to PDF Converter is not accessible as it seems. It is where cloud-based converters can greatly help you. Here are some utensils that can help you convert Doc to PDF, and more!


If you haven’t perceived PDFBear, you miss out on the best Word to PDF converter. When it comes to free and accessible PDF tools, PDFBear certainly does not disappoint. You can even use this tool even when you’re in a rush, and you only have a phone with you. All you need to do is access, choose the Word to PDF tool, upload the file that you want to convert, and download the new PDF Converter file. Yup, you only need to follow four steps to get those conversions going. It will only take a few seconds to finish each conversion. You don’t even have to sign up or download any app to use all its best features. PDFBear is also SSL-encrypted and deletes all processed files after one hour, which means that you can use the website without worrying about the contents of your PDF file. PDFBear upholds your document’s integrity and will not alter anything without you knowing. Without a doubt, this tool is the most reliable out there.



PDF2Go is another go-to tool that can get the job done. Go to the website, upload the file you want to convert, and pick what type of conversion you want to do. You can do the basic conversion or choose to Convert with OCR. Converting with OCR means that the scan pages will convert to text that can edit. You can also pick a language so that PDF2Go can accurately extract the texts. When you did it choosing, click Start and wait for PDF2Go to convert your file. Once done, the page will update the conversion status automatically, and a pop-up window will appear for you to download the new file to your device. You can also upload it to the mist, download the ZIP file version, or make further edits to the document.

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Smallpdf makes conversion easy. Just like the other tools, SmallPDF supports all platforms; if you are using Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android, converting files will not be a hassle. Once you’ve uploaded the file that you want to convert, you can edit the PDF further before processing it. You can put an e-Sign, merge, or split the file before finalizing the Doc to Word conversion. However, you can only convert one file at a time. So if you’re looking for a converter that can help you in big batches, SmallPDF might not be the one for you. Nevertheless, SmallPDF is a secured website and doesn’t save a copy of your files.

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Unlike SmallPDF, Convertio can convert multiple files at once. You can upload the files from your Drive, your device, or even through a link! However, each file should not exceed 100MB, or else, Convertio won’t process it. To start, upload all the files that you want to convert. Choose what kind of conversion you want to do for each file, then click Convert. It could take a few minutes if you are doing batch conversion. When you did it, you can download the files to your device or upload them to your Drive. You can download the ZIP folder, which contains all the files, which you can share with other people without any problem.

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Know Which Tools To Use  

As more companies and businesses use the Doc and PDF format, the need for conversion tools is growing. Some will cost you a few hundred dollars, but there are free and secured tools that you can use like the ones in this article. Though there are hundreds of tools out there, it is wise to know the best ones to cater to what you need. These four converters will be of great help to you and your business.


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