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4 Obvious Reasons on Why You Should Switch to PDF with the help of PDFBear

4 Obvious Reasons on Why You Should Switch to PDF with the  help of PDFBear

Are you tired of having to continually fix your word layout when you open it on your Mac? Do you need to download a separate app to access your excel file on your phone? Is your hard drive about to burst with all the large-sized documents and photos you have saved? The response to all your problems is right in front of you PDFBear.

PDFs have been used by everyone, everywhere at least once in their life. It may be through reading an old-style PDFBear book or a file from the office admins. But, have you ever thought of utilizing it for your files? Your answer is probably no. And that’s why you need to read these reasons why you should change all your documents to PDF with PDFBear help.

PDFBear Multi-Tool in One

Contrary to its name, PDFBear is not a kind of bear but is a website that offers a variety of free tools you can utilize to help you with your PDF needs. For example, you want to change your JPG to PDF. You can use PDFBear’s conversion tool to quickly and speedily convert your files.

Knowing a reliable site that can aid you in dealing with PDFs is very reassuring, especially if you’re considering shifting to a file format that you don’t know how to manipulate. Hopefully, you’ll commit to switching to PDFs after you read on and be enlightened of its numerous wonders and benefits.


For the Obvious Reasons

As mentioned earlier, you probably already have encountered PDFs before but just brushed it aside or deemed it uninteresting. But let me say you, that is not the case. If you take a look and observe how PDFs work, then you’ll know it’s more than just a digital format for books. Here are some proofs that might persuade you to use PDFs.

Reliability and Accessibility

PDFs are named as they meant to use, as portable documents. But, what ensures it means to be a mobile document, and what makes a PDF different from the other file formats, like a word or excel, that you usually use? The PDF has one major characteristic that sets it apart from the rest of the forms: Its Universality.

What universality means for the PDF is that you won’t have to worry about opening it on Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. It will remember all of its original glory. There will be no changes in the writing format or layout when opening it in another OS or the old version of the editor, unlike with word files.

Another side of the PDF being universal is its accessibility. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone or a tablet handy wherever they go. Whatever brand your device may be, their system will automatically have a built-in PDF viewer installed. It makes PDFs accessible wherever you are or whatever tool or OS you’re using.


With the first reason above getting your interest, you ask, “But what if I don’t know how to create and manipulate a PDF?” The answers to that is another reason. PDFs are easy to convert. If you’re more familiar with editing word files or images, then, for example, you can convert your word file to PDF with the use of PDF conversion tools afterwards.

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Another great reason to start using PDFs is for its security. Unlike its other counterparts, PDFBear have features that can add protection to your file. First, PDFs are difficult to edit, especially if you’re not acquainted with how PDF editors work. It lessens the possibility of your file from accidental editing by you or other people.

Second, you can put passwords in PDFs. There are editors and websites that you can use to put an encrypted password to your PDF document. It will prevent unwanted people from accessing your file. It is especially crucial for top-secret and confidential documents, like company files and personal passwords.

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Reduce File Size

In most cases, saying that something is portable means, it has a small size. From computers to cellular phones, all of them started as huge devices that can’t bring anywhere. Through innovation, everything was made smaller, and thus, portable. Having portable in its name, PDFs do not disappoint their namesake.

Compared to other file formats, PDFs naturally have a small file size. It makes it have a lesser impact on your hard drive compared to other forms. If the PDF document has a lot inside it, some sites can reduce or compress the file size without affecting your file’s quality.


There are probably more reasons to switch to using PDFs. The ones here are just a brief introduction to the multitude of incentives to shift to working with this file format. By using PDFs, your work, school, and personal life will be better with the fact that PDFs have a lot of features that are beneficial to its user.


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