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Improve viewer engagement and boost sales creating videos using Wondershare VidAir

Improve viewer engagement and boost sales creating videos using Wondershare VidAir

With everything happening online, businesses are no exception, and the number of people selling and buying online has multiplied. One of the significant factors affecting the audience and sales of a site or online business is marketing through videos and other content. So creating engaging and engaging videos is very important for the success of any website, blog or social media platform. If you are struggling to make professional-looking videos. Wondersh VidAir is one of online video maker that includes a variety of templates and editing options that can use to creating videos in no time. Notably, the program is free, but it contains a watermark which can remove by selecting the licensed version that you purchased.

Learn more about this online video maker using the top features listed below.

An online tool with a user-friendly interface

Wondershare VidAir is an online implement that works right from your browser window with no software to download. To use the functions of the program, all you need to do is register for free and then login with the details. The tool is also suitable for users new to using videos and editing them. The user-friendly interface guides you through the process of video creation and editing.

Choose from a variety of templates

One of the thrilling things about this tool is the availability of the templates in different categories like travel, food, fashion, beauty. Classes like Halloween, Black Friday Sale and the like are also there to meet your specific needs. If you have a particular template in mind, you can search for it using the search box. In addition to the pattern, you can even select the orientation as comprehensive, square or vertical, depending on the aspect ratio required. Whether you want to make a food blog or a social media page to sell your products, Wondershare VidAir has a template to suit your needs.

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Customize and edit your videos

The selected templates can be fully customized using various editing functions that allow you to creating videos as needed. After choosing the template, you can add whatever video or picture you want. There is an option to crop the video to remove unwanted parts, trim the edges, add a scene, and more. You can even edit the audio, swap it with a new one, or delete it entirely if necessary. Add content to your video, text can add, and the style, position and color can even change for further customization.

Increase audience and engagement with creating videos

The videos made with Wondershare VidAir look professional and exciting and work in your favour in various ways. Creating a detailed explanatory video that is also interesting to watch will improve conversions and sales. Blogs and social media sites, a well-made leads to more traffic and thus to search engine ranking. With modified video ads on the social media platform, advertising-based sales increase. Better customer loyalty leads to an overall improvement in the website and content.

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Option for the licensed version

Wondershare VidAir everything as a free online tool that includes advertisements and watermarks of the files it processes. If you need to avoid this, you can go for the licensed paid version which, in addition to removing watermark and ads, also offers 2GB of free cloud storage and the ability to export the files in higher resolution of 1080p. (free version is 720p).

With Wondershare VidAir Online Video Maker, you can register, create and edit professional-looking videos in no time.

Wondershare VidAir, your first video creation platform

Turning website visitors into customers has become a challenge for many web marketers. You can have millions of visitors, but if your conversion rate is terrible, you won’t end up making sales. Wondershare VidAir is a premium tool that lets you reliably create vibrant professional videos that you can use to attract your visitors and turn them into customers. The platform comes with many templates that allow users to choose the interface that best suits them. If you remove the watermark feature, you can use it freely and create attractive videos for your viewers.

It has a user-friendly interface

It is easy to use because it has an excellent user interface that can operate on desktop, smartphone and other internet-enabled devices. You can quickly cycle through the features that switch from one icon to another without any confusion. Thanks to its transparent operation, it doesn’t get crushed so you won’t waste a lot of website time waiting for icons to respond after clicking. You can create lots of videos in no time.

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Use the Much Available template

Depending on your type of business, you can search for the best template. Some of the designs available include Halloween, Black Friday Sale, and many more. So, all you have to do is choose what works best for you. If you want a specific model, find it in the search bar at the top, and it will pop up for you to easily select. Wondershare VidAir gives you one of the most compelling aspect ratios that you can use to create beautiful videos anytime. You can appeal to more visitors and turn them into customers because they are interested in the videos.

Further advantages with licensed versions

Even with the free version, you can personalize your videos and add features like business contacts, location and other typical information about your company. The professional-looking videos also allow you to engage customers and keep them staying on your website longer. If you choose the licensed version, you get 2GB of cloud storage and 1080p video quality compared to the 720p version of the free version. Your videos in the licensed version are of good quality and beautiful to attract more visitors to your website.


Wondershare VidAir is a suitable option for those who want excellent video quality for their business. Get it for your business if you wish to excellent user retention and conversion rates.

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