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5 Free Online Deed Forms You Can’t-Miss

5 Free Online Deed Forms You Can’t-Miss

Deed forms are important in transferring the ownership of a property to someone. However, drafting these forms takes a lot of time as you need to consider all the legal aspects of a deed form. On this page, we will share the top five online deed forms that will help you create this legal document without writing a single word.

You can check out this post to explore the complete list of templates to create deed forms easily. These templates are fully customizable, allowing you to enter all the important information using our online tool. You can also download the form directly on your device to print out a hard copy.

Here are the top deed forms that you can’t miss today!

  1. Deed of Trust California Form

The deed of trust California template helps you create a deed to transfer a real estate property ownership. You can use this agreement to share the property with someone legally. To start the funding of a property, the person needs to create a deed form according to the laws of California.

The transfer of ownership includes three parties- the borrower, the lender, and the trustee. With these three parties, you can easily create the deed form in California or any other country. It is important to know that a deed of trust is a legally binding document and must be drafted accordingly.

Any party can take the matter in the court of California to resolve a dispute. 


This list of templates from CocoDoc will provide an easier way to draft these deeds easily.

Why Use This Form?

The main reason behind using this form is to prove the transfer of ownership of a property. Different parties can indeed provide a clear view of how much money everyone has contributed to the property. Additionally, it can also adjust the renovations of future payments made by a co-owner of that property. 

1.Quit Claim Deed Templates

It is the second most popular type of deed template that you will ever come across. The quitclaim deed is used when someone wants to transfer the interest in a property to someone else. The person transferring the interests is called Grantor, while the person receiving it is known as Grantee.

It is important to know that the transfer is usually between the family members for the personal use of the property. Therefore, it does not require to transfer of the complete ownership of a property. One can simply do it using the form.

Why Use This Form?

The quitclaim deed form is used when someone wants to share the use of the property with a relative. It saves them the time, effort, and money to transfer the ownership of the property. It is helpful for both the parties as the grantee can enjoy all the owner’s rights without owning that property.

1.Transfer on Death Deed Form Templates (California)

The transfer on death deed form allows a person to complete property without going through the probate. The form simply gives the ownership to the person chosen by the owner. Usually, it is a family member as they have a natural right over the property even if the person writes no will.

The form is quite popular as it saves you a lot of time and effort. You can simply go with these templates and file for a transfer on death deed requests in California. 

Note: Please know that there is a proper procedure to use this form. Thus, we recommend taking professional help while using it.

Why Use This Form?

A lot of people use this form to save themselves from the complete process of probate. Probate works under the jurisdiction order, and it takes a lot of time as the court goes through the different processes before deciding. Thus, a transfer on death deed form can save you from all of this. 

1.Warranty Deed Form

A warranty deed is a document issued by the grantor to the grantee stating that they have exclusive rights over the property. And there is no debt on the property owned by the grantor. This form is issued while selling a property to someone as a warranty that the person has exclusive rights to sell it. 

It is the opposite of a quitclaim form with no guarantee by the seller in a transaction. Therefore, the form is quite useful for both parties. The grantor has to create this form and submit it to the grantee as a warranty for the transaction. 

Why Use This Form?

You can use this form when the grantee wants proof that the property is free from any debt and you have the right to sell it. It is more like a statement where the grantor makes it public that he has all the rights to take actions related to that property. Thus, the form is quite important in carrying out a safe real estate transaction. 

1.Georgia QuitClaim Deed Form

This template is helpful for Georgia citizens to file a quitclaim deed form. The transaction includes two parties in which the grantor gives the rights to use the property to the grantee without any warranty. The process is carried out when you do not want to transfer the ownership of a property while giving them complete control over the property.

Why Use This Form?

If you are in Georgia and want to use a quitclaim deed form, you can go for it. It will help you create a legal document for both the parties.

Final Words

The above deed forms are helpful in different situations. Therefore, you can go through these categories and find the most suitable templates for you. The complete process is quite simple as you can easily print out the form to use.

If you want to fill it online, we recommend using the PDF editor for the job. It will not only fill the template but also lets you embed your signatures to make it legally valid.

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