How do Small Online Sellers Adopt the use of QR Codes in their Business Operations?

As the e-commerce industry continues to boom during the pandemic, competition becomes a challenge for many online business owners. Thanks to QR code technology, it becomes easier to penetrate a wider market and connect to more prospects.

A QR code is a game-changing tool for small online sellers to entice customers to buy products and to provide valuable content to them.

QR codes are one of the emerging technologies that can have a significant influence on the buying decision-making process experience and can contribute to improving the shopping experience of the consumer.

Since the internet becomes a medium of e-commerce, QR code solutions offer advantages to small online business owners in promoting brand awareness, engaging customers, and selling products and services online.

What is QR code and how does it work?

A QR code is abbreviated from “Quick Response”, it is a matrix code designed and developed to contain information such as URLs, images, audio files, PDFs or videos and other documents.

It is consists of a black and white square, arranged in a grid pattern.

Today, with the use of a QR code generator with logo online, the QR code’s color and design is can be modified and rebranded with the user’s brand for QR code distinction.

This two-dimensional barcode works as a tool to connect offline customers to the online space.

For example, if you print your video QR code about how your product is made in your product packaging or meal boxes, your customers will just scan the code to view the video.

From being offline customers, they will be redirected to the online space for engaging content.

Connecting and engaging using QR codes in online business

QR code makes the shopping experience more convenient for consumers and retailers. It eliminates the hassle of having to search for online websites for shopping.

The potential for the wider adoption of QR codes is enormous and small businesses that act now will get ahead in a competitive landscape of e-commerce.

Small and even large businesses online use QR code technology for different purposes. It is used to engage customers by offering quality content. Some use QR codes to increase sales and even web traffic.

QR code solutions are a good investment for small e-commerce businesses as it is easy to use and offers flexible uses. They can even track the QR code campaign performance when generating dynamic QR codes (an editable QR code) for better marketing strategies.

Ways how small online sellers use QR codes in the e-commerce industry

QR code holds a lot of potential in promoting the businesses of small online sellers. Here are some of the ways you can use QR code technology in your online business as you generate it with the best QR code generator online:

1.Promotions and discounts

QR codes are great tools to offer promotions and discounts to your customers and maintain brand loyalty.

By scanning a QR code, you can lead your loyal customer to a product page with special discounts. This will also make your customer feel acknowledged and also create a hurry to purchase.

2.Product packaging

QR codes are also used by online sellers to digitize their product packaging. For example, some sellers convert their videos of the benefits of their products into a video QR code and print it along with their product packaging.

Other online sellers also promote transparency and sustainability by sharing information with customers about how their products are made. They use URL QR codes to redirect their customers to a specific landing page of the product journey.

Others produce a document like a PDF and convert it into a PDF QR code for more detailed product information.

3.Cashless payment

Online retailers also use QR codes as a payment method to achieve fast and efficient payment transactions.

It also ensures that customers’ well-being is safe since it minimizes touchpoints when paying by scanning a QR code.

4.Customer feedback

Customers nowadays value feedback from previous buyers of a product. That is why online sellers encourage customers to leave feedback after purchase to promote their products and get more customers.

Using a feedback form QR code, you can generate more feedbacks from your customers. They will just scan the code to fill out an online form in Google.

If you want to share the feedback landing page of your website or business page, you can also convert it into a dynamic URL QR code.

Then print the codes along with your product packaging or with your collaterals to increase scans and visibility of your campaign.

5.Social media

Social media is important in every business no matter how small it is. It allows you to connect to potential customers and encourage engagement with your brand.

Using the social media QR code, you can house all your social media profiles in one code. Once scanned, it will display all your social media profiles.

This way, your customers or prospects don’t have to search for your several usernames in every social networking site you’re using.

You can grow your subscribers, likes, and followers in your social media profiles while also promoting your products to newly connected customers.


QR code is an innovative solution that is easy to use, cost-efficient, and a good investment. It is accessible by small online business owners as different solutions are catered to them.

With the availability of a QR code generator online, changing the e-commerce landscape with it becomes a smart solution to reach more customers, offer a better customer experience, and scale-up business growth.


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