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Outsourcing Technical Support: Your Company’s Secret Weapon in the Fight for the Gaming Market

Outsourcing Technical Support: Your Company’s Secret Weapon in the Fight for the Gaming Market

The line between console games and online games keeps blurring. For example, 22% of console gamers bought a game via the digital marketplace over the last 30 days, and this figure is set to increase.

This allows companies to create a plethora of games based on existing consoles. As a result, developers may concentrate on creating the best gameplay experience without worrying about the technology to back it up.

Taking this to the next level, however, is challenging. There is much competition in the industry, and one simple misstep can turn your game launch into a disaster. Common issues that new developers encounter include:

  • Misunderstandings about game features and the intricacies of play. These may put potential gamers off because they view the game as too difficult.
  • A lack of support for gamers. When companies launch a game, they often underestimate the amount of support their clients require. While companies may prepare for the questions people may ask pre-launch, it is only post-launch when they see all issues.
  • Lack of scalability when the game launch goes better than expected.

How Do Developers Deal With These Potential Issues?

Hiring a team of technically minded customer support professionals is the best way to handle all the issues noted above. A professional team:

  • Provides an objective eye for the launch. They may raise issues no one else considered.
  • Has the training to deal with clients correctly. They’ll assist in building your relationship with your clients.
  • Provides an easily scalable solution for peak periods such as product launches.
  • Often gives you access to multi-lingual support agents, which is vital for global launches.
  • Provides you with 24/7 support effortlessly.
  • Has the technical knowledge to walk your clients through various issues that they might encounter.
  • Can be tasked with proactive customer success tasks. With these, they contact your clients to see how they enjoy the game and discuss play and strategies.
  • Will immerse themselves in your game world so that they fully understand the customer experience.
  • Has the technology to handle high call volumes efficiently while ensuring excellent call quality.
  • Has the training to deal with various types of clients. Working in customer service can sometimes be a minefield. It takes a skilled hand to avoid escalating the situation beyond repair.


Why Outsource Rather Than Use an In-House Team?

Thirty years ago, outsourcing was seen as a stopgap measure. It was a solution that you used only if you had it. At that stage, running an in-house team made better fiscal sense. Thanks to advances in technology, this is no longer the case.

Companies may today work with outsourcing agencies halfway around the world. This enables them to access a pool of global talent to create their top teams. In addition, by hiring outside of their country of origin, they may also have access to agents at a more cost-effective rate than would otherwise be possible.

More and more companies today are choosing outsourcing to:

  • Cost-effectively expand their scope of operations.
  • Access the skill set they require.
  • Reduce costs in terms of training, infrastructure, and maintenance.
  • Access a pay-as-you-use solution rather than a team of full-time agents.
  • Provide clients with the level of service they deserve 24/7.
  • Run customer success programs.
  • Create a buzz preceding product launches and make sales afterwards.
  • Reduce the issues associated with managing a full-time team.
  • Save themselves having to account for benefits such as sick days or paid vacations.
  • Reduce the administrative burden of keeping lines operated at all times.

How Does Outsourcing Customer Service Work?

Some firms are reluctant to outsource this crucial function. That’s understandable, as it means handing over control of a vital business area. What companies should remember is, however, that partnering with the right firm allows them to maintain much control.

A reputable BPO service provider will allow you access to all the statistics, reports, and call recordings. By doing so, the firm can check that their clients receive the service that they deserve.

A professional service specialist company will also be clear about its hiring, training, and quality monitoring processes. Then, they’ll work with you to find a custom solution that fits your business needs and budget.

Final Notes

Could outsourcing be your game’s secret power-up? If you select your partner carefully, it might well give you the support that you need to put your company on the map.

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