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The Various Features of Laravel PHP Framework that Help in Software Development

The Various Features of Laravel PHP Framework that Help in Software Development

Laravel is one of the most capable, popular, and widely used open-source PHP framework today. It assists in the development of a quicker, more efficient, and secure website or application. Because of its classic architecture, it is consistently gaining popularity among developers.

The features Laravel offers aren’t unique in comparison to other PHP frameworks, but the combination of all of these features elevates Laravel well beyond the competition. This article discusses some of its features.

1. Brilliant Template Engine

Laravel has a brilliant template engine that enables developers to build dynamic websites. Laravel is well-known for its built-in lightweight templates for generating stunning layouts with dynamic content seeding.

Laravel templates are brilliantly intended to provide composite and straightforward layouts with parts that make a developer’s job easier. When you start developing with Laravel development, the template engine guarantees that the most fundamental items are already included.

2. Reliable Migration System for databases

Laravel migration system aids in the expansion of the web application database structure. It eliminates the need for re-creation each time there is a change in the code. The danger of data loss is greatly minimized because of this feature.

Laravel migration system adds capability for automatically creating and modifying databases based on the needs of your application. Laravel’s migration system is exceptionally reliable and error-free.

3. Support for MVC Architecture

Laravel’s Modular view control (MVC) architecture includes a plethora of built-in functionalities that improve application efficiency, security, and scalability. It enables various views for a model and avoids code duplication by separating the presentation logic from the business logic.

MVC allows for a speedier development process. For example, one programmer can work on the view while another works on the controller to construct the business logic for the web application.

4. Artisan Console

Laravel framework has a built-in command-line tool called Artisan that executes repetitive programming tasks that PHP writers are unable to complete manually. The developers can also use Artisan to build skeleton code, database structures and manage the database migration and its systems.

It is also used to perform migration tasks, making it easier to handle multiple database systems. It also uses the command line to build the MVC files and deal with assets and their configurations. Artisan even assists developers in creating and deploying their own commands.

5. Efficient Object Relational Mapping (ORM)

Laravel includes an ORM with straightforward PHP Active Record implementation. The efficient ORM enables developers to query database tables using easy PHP syntax rather than writing SQL code. Furthermore, it facilitates interaction between developers and database tables by providing each table with its relevant model.

ORM runs faster than previous PHP frameworks. It allows developers to use PHP to access, update, and build databases rather than SQL for object-relational database queries. ORM enables linking, integrating, and managing everything in a relational database considerably easier and faster.

6. Libraries and Modularity

Laravel makes development easier by including pre-installed Object-Oriented and Modular libraries that are not available in many other PHP frameworks. This framework is split into different modules that adhere to PHP standards, allowing developers to create responsive and modular applications.

Additionally, this framework is divided into discrete parts that adhere to sophisticated PHP concepts, allowing for the development of responsive and modular web apps. The modular architecture allows for excellent unit testing and facilitates high-level integration.

Final thoughts

The Laravel features mentioned above make it the best in the developer community and have proven highly beneficial. Because of the advantages that Laravel offers over other PHP frameworks, several Laravel-only development firms have sprouted up. If you want to build a whole website in Laravel, you can hire specialized Laravel developers like Binary Studio.

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