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5 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Kanban Board

5 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Kanban Board

Digital Kanban Board: Working has changed in the last few months, and it is true of virtually every industry. Almost, it is a very apt term to describe where most industries are finding themselves. We finally see a change in the way firms structure their workflow, and especially their workforce. The world finds itself trapped in the grip of a novel coronavirus named COVID-19, and unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, I’m not giving you news of anything you don’t know.

You may well be part of one of the new army of home-workers who are getting to grips with hastily put together workflow systems, including file-sharing & messengers. It is all well and good; however, a quick fix is not always the best fix. So, why not consider a more useful and long-term solution to collaborative working that is useful in both a remote working setting and in a traditional office set-up as well.

Workflow Management is More Important than Ever

Often Kanban Board systems are thought of as being specifically designed for programming and software development projects. While it’s true that this way of working originated from an IT background, it can be utilized in almost any line of work now. You could be working in any one of many industries, from HR to legal, even manual trades.

This system utilizes a visual representation of tasks and organizes them in terms of each stage of the process. It is an extreme simplification of how a digital version of these boards works. The traditional committee would consist of simple notes on which tasks written; modern software versions will encompass communications, files, workflows, including earlier and part-completed versions of the functions so we may backtrack if needed. It will link all team members and provide security, encryption, and organization that the company would otherwise miss out on.

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It is Cost-Effective in the Long-Run

What is the most valuable advantage of efficiency in business? The answer is in the question, value, it is more cost-effective to be efficient. The more we can get done, with the same resources means a quicker finish to the project, and at a higher standard as well.

Even looking beyond the success you can achieve in the current project, your reputation will be significantly enhanced, and more plans will find their way to you. It gives you added flexibility when quoting for work, as if you are comfortable knowing that you can turn around a result faster than the competition, then you can quote lower and still be in profit. Or if you are in demand, then keep prices the same and make more at the end, where to place this pricing balance is up to you.

We Can Keep Social Distancing

With so much of kanban software taking care of everything for you in terms of the organizational aspects of project management, it means that close contact working is not essential. It is vital in such desperate times as it means we can keep going without abandoning our projects that may well be crucial to the functionality of our customers.

It also is better for employees’ peace of mind to know that they will not be prematurely forced back into a crowded office. Braving the packed public transport when the virus may well still be out there and that they can still work from home as effectively and provide for themselves and their families can be stressful.

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People Can Work Even if in Quarantine

As well as allowing people to work remotely by choice, there will be a section of the workforce that will force to stay home. It may be that they have shown symptoms of -19, or a member of the household has, and they have to quarantine. Now, we are not advocating forcing those who are actively ill to try still and work; however, if they feeling fine but confined to their home, it allows them always to productive. People have worked from home for a long time, as freelancer etc. but it’s only with a system like this that we can work collaboratively from home.

It Produces Better Results

There is only one thing that matters, and that is results. We want them as it completes the project, gives us professional satisfaction, and the customer wants them as it’s why they hired us. With efficient planning and execution, we achieve using a digital Kanban board, we will get there in the quickest possible fashion, and with the best results, and this is how we will get there. It is a system that is used worldwide by such giant companies as Amazon.

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