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Why Networking Is One of The Shortest Paths To Hiring Jobs Software Engineers

Why Networking Is One of The Shortest Paths To Hiring Jobs Software Engineers

Hiring Jobs Software Engineers: It’s hard to contend that in a world of 7.7 billion people, you are just six acquaintances away from meeting POTUS, the Queen of England, or any other strange person on the planet. Surreal as this may sound, the six degrees of separation theory has been scientifically tested and proven to be true. 

First floated by Frigyes Karinthy in 1929, this theory tried to explain that you only need an average of six intermediaries to successfully connect to a total stranger in any part of the world.

True to this, Derek Muller, in his latest Veritasium, investigates YouTube video has been able to prove this theory scientifically. How may you ask?

Well, assuming you have a group of 45 people, and these people knew an entirely new set of 45 people, and so on. Mathematically, everyone within that network could connect to 456, or 8.3 billion people – which is more than every person alive today.

Although this scientific experiment may seem irrelevant to you, it goes to show one thing: networking is easier than you may think.

We get it — networking may not be a priority in your bucket list considering it’s time-intensive, downright awkward occasionally, and incredibly draining, especially if you are introverted.

After all, who needs to engage in small talk with strangers in a boring cocktail party instead of handling important family commitments and work appointments??

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However, it’s an undeniable fact that maintaining a strong professional network can have a profound effect on the success of your career. When adequately executed, networking not only opens up new opportunities at a faster rate but also give you a competitive edge over others throughout every step of your career.

Talking about a competitive edge, one of the professional areas where you can discount the power of networking is in the tech industry and software development in particular.

The persistent skills shortage within this landscape means that organizations are actively looking for skilled professionals to fill positions, while on the other hand, jobs software engineers/developers already have enough on their hands.

So what it means for you as a hiring manager or prospective software developer alike?

In this article, we are going to look at the importance of networking as a convenient way to find Node.js developers and other specialized jobs software engineers. We are also going to analyze the cost-saving benefits that come with networking briefly.

What is Networking?

Networking entails exchanging information and ideas between people with a common interest or profession. Networking usually happens in an informal social setting, and it is particularly important for both recruiters and job hunters.

Networking is essential for the professionals as they can expand their contacts and circles of acquaintances, hoping to discover new job opportunities in their domain field. On the other hand, recruiters get to fill their pipeline as well as find developers they can potentially hire in the future.

As technology lasts to improve and new trends emerge and go rapidly, the entire recruitment landscape seems to always evolve together with the general working practices.

However, one core thing in recruitment has forever and will always remain constant is the process of being a people-centric affair. It should not originate as a surprise that as much as 80% of the available jobs are never advertising and always filled by an individual in someone’s network.

As such, whether it’s a one-on-one, face-to-face, or online, networking is the go-to tool for recruiters when looking to fill a particular position. It also presents the active and passive job seekers with an opportunity to land jobs quickly and earn a better jobs software engineers salary.

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There are four major types of professional networks:

Operational Networks– This network involves people who are working straight coming together to get a particular job done.

Personal Networks – These types of networks involve alumni, social, and professional groups and allow you to mingle with a diverse group of like-minded individuals and professionals. They are particularly crucial for career moves as they link you to new people and opportunities.

Strategic Networks- Entails creating contacts with your peers and seniors in your field of work. Strategic networks are essential as they open up your mind beyond your career and enlighten you about best practices and teach you new approaches.

Nodal Networks- Otherwise referred to as “street-smart networking,” nodal networks help create and maintain contact with people who can help you in a specific scenario careerwise.

Are there specific benefits of social networking in software development? Below we have listed five positive impacts of recruiting within your network.

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5 Positive Impacts of Networking in the Software Development Recruitment Community.

As earlier indicated, recruitment is mostly people-centric. And whether you are looking for a junior or senior software developer to fill a position, having a network of potential candidates (or lack of it thereof) can make or break your search.

Here are the benefits of using your existing network when recruiting: 

Cut Recruitment Costs

One of the most significant benefits of hiring from your system is the cost-saving benefits that come with it. Recruitment is a super-expensive affair, and any dollar saved can go away in improving your bottom line.

Think about it:

You don’t have to pay all to the people within your network to advertise your job openings. And when they share these opportunities, they are mostly doing the promotes for free, allowing you to cut back on the money that would have otherwise gone to placing traditional job adverts.

Moreover, you can also get to save on external recruiter costs as people within your networks have a better understanding of your company’s value and culture, making you a good sell.

Reduces Hiring Turnaround Time

Let’s face it; time in the business world business is valuable. While you may allocate enough funds to cater for the recruitment process, it is easy to discount the time it may take actually to hire a recruit.

Your hiring managers will have to spend a significant amount of time out of their routine work to write, create, post, and promote the job ad on different platforms.

Additionally, vacant positions mean limited productivity in the role you are looking to fill, and a longer than usual hiring process may extend the lost productivity to the overall output of your company.

Sourcing for qualified candidates within your network eliminates the advertising costs and halves the hiring process to the interview phase.

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Reduces the Cost of “Bad” Hires

A new employee who just doesn’t “cut it” could spell disaster for your business. It could be an unqualified person who feels that the position isn’t working out and either voluntarily leaves the company or someone you ask to relinquish their newly acquired position.

Such a scenario not only means starting the recruitment process again, but it can also bring existing projects to a grinding halt.

However, having spent time with people within your network gives you a first-hand idea of their capabilities. It, in turn, makes it easier to assign tasks based on the individual’s competencies.

You are also able to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, and hence, plan on how to help them improve.

Increase Employee Retention

According to a 2016 report by, the best talent is as a result of social recruiting from close network referrals. The same report indicates that employees hired via network referrals tend to stick with one company longer compared to those employed using other channels.

It is good news, and it helps reduce employee turnover, which can subject you to an infinite recruitment loop.

Raises your Brand’s Profile

In the software development space, people prefer to work for or hire jobs software engineers Development Company that is visible. By regularly attending social events, potential candidates will begin to recognize and associate more with your brand.

It not only helps you to build your reputation as a dependable, knowledgeable, and supportive employee but also makes it easier to fill a vacant position from within your network.

Cons of Networking in Recruitment

  • Since birds of a feather flock together, network hiring can lead to a similar workforce.
  •  A close friend may feel entitled to certain privileges leading to disrespect.
  • Personal differences may have a profound effect on business operations.
  • It can be difficult to fire a close friend.

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Networking Tips for Software Development Recruiters

Here are some tips that may work towards warming up your relationship with a potential software development candidate:

Host Events to Attract Potential Candidates

One of the best ways to source for tech candidates within your network is to hold coding boot camps. And while at it, you can help train or give free resources to attendees.

This way, you get an opportunity to spot a diamond in the rough, how well they are on the job, their learning capability, and their interpersonal skills.

Don’t Dwell Too Much on Work-related Things When Networking

Another brilliant formula for creating a good rapport with a potential candidate within your network is to engage them on a more personal level. 

Different to popular belief that you can only discuss the current variation in software salary, techies also people do have lives outside of their work. They have passions, hobbies, and interests. 

As a recruiter, sharing details about personal life events is an excellent way to get the ball rolling and connecting with a potential candidate on a personal level. By so doing, you are mostly creating a soft “landing spot” for more talk about work-related topics when the right time comes.

Cold Contacts Work Too

An unplanned email or LinkedIn message to a new person within your network about a job opportunity or requesting them to help spread the word about your job opportunities also work.

Many recruiters tend to miss out on great potential candidates by thinking that contacting “strangers” is professionally weird. 

It’s hard to find a jobs software engineers who gets offended that you reached out with an opportunity. On the contrary, a good number will be more than willing to hear you out or recommend somebody else.

Maintain your Contacts

You may have met a potential candidate at a career fair. Instead of just picking their card and leaving, request them to keep in touch. Not only is asking to follow them on LinkedIn smart, but it is also an excellent way to patch up and personalize an otherwise detached networking process.


Experts agree that people who invest in networks — professional and personal — can earn intrinsic dividends throughout their careers. As a job seeker in the software development industry, networking helps improve your skills set, keep abreast of the current trends in the industry, meet prospective mentors, and keep a pulse on the labor market.

As for the recruiters, it is a useful tool to source for the right candidate when looking to fill a vacant position.

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