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MocoSpace: What makes this Social Networking Site Different from all the others?

MocoSpace: What makes this Social Networking Site Different from all the others?

MocoSpace: Social networking sites have become increasingly popular in the last decade, allowing users to create online communities and social networks. So far, most social networking sites have connected to computers.

In other words, I had to use a computer connected to the Internet to access the site. Although some social networking sites have custom pages that can be used on mobile phone screens, Moco is a social networking site designed specifically to reach customers on the go.

Although Moco works just like any other popular social networking site, it mainly designed for use on mobile devices such as mobile phones. You also don’t need an expensive smartphone to access Moco: it works with almost any mobile phone that can access the Internet.

Sites like MocoSpace may be able to modify their interaction and create items such as status updates and ubiquitous friend requests. Anyone can leave the computer at any time, regardless of how much time they spend playing and updating social networking sites. But when they go, people still have their cell phones with them.

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MocoSpace is a popular mobile social networking application developed for mobile devices. This App test indicates that they are more like other social networks.

The only difference between this app and other social networks is that it is a mobile social network that runs primarily on mobile devices. Like other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, you can chat on MocoSpace, send instant messages, share videos, and forums.

A critical review of Moco reveals that the site aimed at young singles who are looking for dating because it feels like a dating site. A similar analysis by MocoSpace has also shown that most moco users share more photos than in chat.

If you subscribed to MocoSpace on today, you could view a list of online users, their names, ages, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, and the proximity of a specific zip code to name a few.

MocoSpace vs. Other Mobile Applications

Unlike other mobile social media devices on the cover, which appear on the homepages of some mobile operators or mobile operators, MocoSpace is an off-deck site for mobile phones.

It means that it does not appear on the homepages of mobile operators, but a separate device. Anyone who can access the Internet through their mobile device can access, the official MocoSpace website.

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Using of MocoSpace


Using MocoSpace is very similar to using other popular social networking sites. When you SignUp the site, you will get your profile page, in that you can edit with graphics and backgrounds.

You can also display pictures of yourself on your profile page and share personal information. Your summary might include your name, marital status, body type, sex, age, and whether you smoke, drink, or have kids. If you are viewing for an exact kind of relationship or individual, you can also specify that info.

Then you can create a friend list and interact with them on the website. By adjusting your privacy settings, you can even make sure that only certain people can see your personal information. In addition to the photos, you can add videos or also create your blog directly on your MocoSpace page.

MocoSpace has some additional features that go beyond the functionality of other social networks. There are chat rooms where you can use a Javascript to communicate in real-time with other MocoSpace members.

You can even create private rooms. There are also forums and classifieds. You can also browse image galleries published by other users.


MocoSpace based on the premise that most mobile device users do not have expensive and cutting-edge technology in their pockets, but they have simple mobile phones with different web access.

MocoSpace has reached its target audience mainly through word of mouth and seems to be successful by not limiting its appeal to high-level users.

This approach has also led Moco to adopt a cross-platform strategy. One of the advantages of MocoSpace is that it works on virtually any mobile device. It not linked to any particular platform, tool, or company.

While MocoSpace has partnership agreements with some companies, it is not a mobile service “on deck.”

That is, it is not limited to the mobile devices of individual companies. Users interact directly with MocoSpace through a standard mobile web browser.

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However, this has some disadvantages. MocoSpace’s engineers need to make many adjustments and adjustments to the various on-site photo and video sharing systems to work with such a variety of devices. Some mobile operators block some of the functionality of this application because they are off-the-shelf.

Moco is free for its users. The company earns money selling advertising. Whereas users who can log in MocoSpace on a mobile device see the same content that appears on the regular website, much of the advertising for mobile delivery is customized.

MocoSpace promotes access to detailed demographic customer data as a critical element in your search to drive more advertising revenue.

An integrated music shop is also available for MocoSpace users. Moco is associated with several music labels and offers songs by pop and urban artists. Compared to various other social networking sites, MocoSpace has a very established user base: 80 percent of users are under 30, 50 percent are under 24, and 25 percent are teenagers.

It has created some controversy as the videos and photos users post are sometimes sexually provocative.

MocoSpace indicates that all user-posted content is reviewed by Moco employees before approval.

However, some parents do not like the tone of the discussions on the website or the nature of the pictures and videos.

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