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NES Controller, without wires and for the Switch -Nintendo Classic Mini

NES Controller, without wires and for the Switch -Nintendo Classic Mini

The exit of the NES Controller Classic Mini has been a success. A few days after its sale, it is almost impossible to get a Nintendo Classic Mini. If you are one of those lucky ones and you already have the console in your house, you will surely have noticed a small but criminal detail: the cables of the controllers are very short!

It almost wholly discards the ability to throw some games quietly from the sofa. Anyway, Therefore, I want to take advantage of today’s post to make a shortlist of all the Nintendo Classic Mini compatible controllers. Was it so hard to make a little longer cables?

Official Drivers compatible with the NES Classic Edition

There is no doubt that the problem of the length of the controls of the Mini NES is one of the most controversial issues of the new Nintendo console. If what we are looking for is an alternative controller, the best we can do is look at the information published by Nintendo itself.

Following the instructions of the Nintendo support group itself, these are the official controls or controllers compatible with the Nintendo Classic Mini.

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NES Controller Classic (Model No. CLV-002)

The first option is obvious: it is the command itself that comes with the console. It is practically the same NES controller but with the shorter cable. It measures about 76 cm.

Wii Classic Controller (Model No. RVL-005)

It is the classic remote that went on the market for Wii. It is a controller very similar to the SNES but adding 2 analog joysticks. This is not to launch rockets, but the cable, this time, is a little longer: about 92 cm.

Classic Controller Pro [Model No. RVL-005 (02)]

The Classic Controller Pro came out for the Wii U and is also perfectly compatible with the Mini NES. We are facing a command with a design more oriented to hardcore players. The cable of this controller has a length of about 88 cm.

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Unofficial Controllers compatible with Nintendo Classic Mini

As we can see, all official Nintendo controls have a length that does not exceed one meter away. Therefore, if we are looking for a more extended controller, we must fix our eyes on the unofficial controls, specially designed to work with the NES Classic Mini.

Orzly controller for Nintendo NES Classic Edition

The ideal controller for those looking for a remote that allows you to play a certain distance from the console. The cable measures 1.8 meters. Also, if we still want to stretch the length a little more, we can use an Orzly extension to add another 1.8 meters, achieving a total distance of 3.6 meters. This extension is compatible with both the original console controller and the Orzly controller.

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My Arcade GamePad Classic Wireless

It is a wireless controller that connects via a small flask to the console. It has a design very similar to the classic command but somewhat more angular.

My Arcade GamePad Classic Pro Wireless

Wireless controller very similar to the previous one that in this case, is equipped with buttons on the top, like the classic controller of the Super Nintendo. According to Amazon, it would also be compatible with Wii and Wii U games.

My Arcade Gamepad Classic Pro Wired (3 meters)

Identical controller to the Pro Wireless model, this time with its corresponding wiring. The connector of this controller has a length of 3 meters.

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My Arcade Gamepad Classic Wireless / Extension Cord combo pack

It is a pack that includes a compatible My Arcade wireless controller and a 3-meter extension cable compatible with the NES Classic Mini.

Cable extension for NES Classic by Ardistel

In this case, we are facing a simple extension. We connect the remote control to the expansion and this one to the console. It has a length of almost 2 meters.

Do the alternative controls work?

At the time of writing these lines, almost all alternative compatible commands are sold out or not yet available. On the other hand, a couple of days ago, a user in Reddit alerted about a change in the communication protocol of the command (now the controllers would communicate with 8-bit packages, instead of 6), which would make these alternative controllers cease to be compatible with the Mini NES.

It would be a blow to the third parties that develop this type of alternative pads, but today I have not been able to find any official information that confirms or refutes this statement. In any case, it is convenient to walk with lead feet.

My suggestion would be to try either with an official command that is a little longer or try to get us with an extension. They are relatively cheap, and if they work, it may be the perfect solution to the wiring problem.

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