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What Can You Buy With Cryptocurrencies?

What Can You Buy With Cryptocurrencies?


When cryptocurrencies were launched back in the year 2006, nobody thought it would serve the purpose of the medium of transactions. If you look today, cryptocurrency is holding an essential place in our lives. Nowadays, you can buy several things with your crypto coins, starting from a cup of coffee to an apartment. The welcome sign is not just applied to the investors anymore, every person who holds cryptocurrency can buy various things with that.

But what are those things that you can buy with your crypto coins? If you want to get this answer, then keep reading our blog post. Here we have listed the things that can be bought by crypto coins.

The list of things you can buy with your Cryptos

Mentioned below are the things that you can buy with your crypto coins. But to buy those things you first need to have crypto coins. Therefore, we would highly suggest you invest in crypto coins. Open an account on any leading crypto exchange platform and start making your investment today. Now, let us look at the things that you can buy with crypto coins:


Today, it is possible to buy a brand new car with just crypto coins. Car companies like Tesla, BMW, Maserati, Audi and various others, have started accepting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Even in an interview Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla has announced that they have started accepting bitcoin as payment for their Tesla Model 3.

Expensive Watches

Not to get surprised, it is a fact that you can buy expensive watches with your crypto coins. Rolex has announced that now people can buy their watches just by using Bitcoin. Not just Rolex but other high-end companies like Patek Philippe, and others have started accepting bitcoin as payment.


At present, you can buy jewelry just by using your crypto coins. Luxury watchmaker Franck Muller even produced a watch encrusted with gold and diamonds that also has a QR code in it. Some other jewelry stores have also announced to accept bitcoin as payment.

Technological Products

Nowadays, various tech companies have recognized cryptos and have started to accept that as payment methods. Microsoft is one such company that has started accepting cryptos, you can use crypto coins on their online store to buy tech products.

E-commerce Products

Overstock is a popular e-commerce platform that accepts bitcoin as payment. This is the first merchandise company that has recognized cryptocurrency. By taking inspiration from Overstock, Shopify has also started accepting cryptos.

Airplane Tickets

Yes, you have heard right, now you can buy flight tickets with your crypto coins. You will find various travel-booking sites like and Expedia that accept bitcoins.


Not to get surprised, The Burger King in Arnhem, Netherlands, has brought this change. They have been accepting cryptos as payment since 2016.

Here is the list of some other things that you can buy with Cryptocurrency

  • Sweets
  • Event tickets
  • Guns
  • Apartment
  • Life insurance
  • A vacation
  • Electronic equipment
  • Art
  • Taxi rides
  • Other assets
  •  Pizza

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, we would say that cryptocurrencies is becoming mainstream with every passing year. Various industries are indulging themselves in the crypto market, at present, you can buy cars, food, apartment, tech products and so many more items with your cryptocurrency.

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