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How Technology Has Changed Entertainment

How Technology Has Changed Entertainment

Entertainment is an incredibly important part of life. Hard work days are made a lot more tolerable when we know we can come home and relax with a game of cards, a film, or a television show. However, for a long time, film and television were not possible. But new tech came along and changed the world of entertainment. In a similar vein, new tech is still improving the entertainment industry to this day. So, let us explore the ways in which tech has improved or changed the world of entertainment.

Online Entertainment

We call the 21st century the Digital Age. In this era, the internet and computer science are dominant. So, it isn’t surprising that online entertainment is also gaining quite a bit of popularity. Video games frequently come with an online multiplayer option, with some primarily focusing on co-op play. A great example would be the multiplayer online battle arena genre, which features games like “Defends of the Ancients”, “League of Legends,” and “Smite.”

The iGaming industry has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. And it doesn’t stop there. More and more people are joining sportsbooks and online casinos and playing slots, web poker, and roulette. It is understandable. After all, these websites have made gambling a lot more convenient and simplistic, especially with the introduction of mobile apps. With mobile gambling apps, players can now place wagers from their homes and anywhere. All that you need is a smartphone and internet access.


Fans of classic science fiction will all be familiar with the concept of virtual reality. A completely computer generated world made flesh through some kind of tech once seemed a distant dream. Nowadays, you can purchase an Oculus headset at your local tech shop, and experience the glory and the wonder of the virtual world.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and extended reality, while different in practice, all rely on the same basic theory. What if our world was enhanced by computer graphics? The goal of this tech is to create a much more immersive experience for gamers, and truly make them feel like they are a part of the game world.

Of course, the technology is not limited to gaming. Many have suggested that athletes could use VR to create accurate training simulations. Some have even put forth the idea of VR-based, inter-continental work meetings. Whatever the case may be, the entertainment industry is certainly one that will thrive with the advancements in VR.

Social Media

While the influence of social media on culture and society is obvious, the power it has had over the entertainment industry often goes underappreciated. Not only have social media campaigns had a huge impact on popularizing shows and films that have flown under the radar, but many websites have also propelled lesser-known indie creators to superstar status.

An excellent example would be the game Hades, released in 2020. Developed by an independent studio, Supergiant, the roguelike video game’s massive success can largely be attributed to the large social media following that the game attained. Other similar examples of independent content getting recognition include the following:

  • Critical Role’s animated series “The Legend of Vox Machina” mainly got off the ground thanks to a dedicated following of the original podcast and a KickStarter campaign.
  • The Binding of Isaac is another roguelike, indie game, that attained popularity thanks to YouTube and Twitch Let’s Plays.
  • SoundCloud rap is a fairly popular subgenre of rap, which came about from independent singer/songwriters on the streaming service SoundCloud.

Online Streaming Services

Similarly, to social media, online streaming services have had a huge influence on the popularization of entertainment content. Netflix’s acquisition of certain television shows helped propel those shows further in fame and broaden their fan base. Not to mention, the influence that streaming has had on the popularization of anime and Asian dramas in general.

However, it isn’t just about the popularity. Thanks to stuff like Netflix, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, etc. content is now easier to get ahold of than ever. People no longer have to wait for Blu-Rays, DVDs, or other physical means to watch their favorite shows. All that is necessary is for them to pay for an account, and they will be exposed to a whole world of different types of content. Truly, convenience is the greatest virtue of the 21st century.

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