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Calculating Light for Optimum Illumination of Your Home

Calculating Light for Optimum Illumination of Your Home

Having a perfectly lighted room is what creates the ambience of your interior and exterior design. Being a homeowner, you may overlook some important factors when it comes to lighting. Every part of your home Illumination comes together to form your identity, something that reflects your personality. The designs on both the outside and the inside may be perfect, the lights give your home final look.

One thing that helps create the perfect ambience is to calculate lighting for proper illumination. This one factor often ignore because the focus is usually on other things like designs, aesthetics, and furniture. However, the right amount of light can make your home look either inviting or unwelcoming. Three different types of lamps installed in your home; all of them have to be an appropriate place with its unique functionality.

Even though all lights have different purposes, their aesthetically pleasing designs and placements play an important role in your living space. Read on to find out why having optimum illumination is important for your home.


The Right Amount of Light Improves Mood

General or ambient lighting is widespread in every home. It is the first step to installing lights in your house. It includes chandeliers, wall lamps, room lights, and light brackets. Other lights may consist of a table and floor lamps. These are the basics that every home needs to provide optimum light. A magnetic lamp would also work as well. Gravita Floating Lamp from Floately is a great home decoration item that also improves your mood with its amazing levitation technology. Gravita lamp feels like hanging in the air due to its levitation technology. It’s also equipped with wireless charging and Bluetooth audio that not only illuminates your mind but also can be paired with any device for a crystal clear audio.

Too much dainty or too little light will hurt the moods of family members and friends. If there is too much light, it might lead the brain and body to feel unrelaxed and disturbed. Too little light will make your home look gloomy, and friends will avoid visiting. Having the right amount of light will ensure that elevated moods. Even if the top designers, proper lighting will make, do not decorate your home, it looks attractive.

During the day, natural light should be sufficient in your home. The feeling of fresh sunlight is essential for an excellent start to the day. It also enhances the mood and motivates you and your family members to achieve their day’s tasks as planned.

A gloomy home space without sufficient natural light will dim your mood and create a depressing atmosphere. However, even during the day, there will be spaces and corners that will not be accessible to sunlight. For these nooks and corners, you will need light fixtures.

Targeted Lighting Makes Things Simple

Task lighting is in the form of desk lamps that enables you to complete a task efficiently. As opposed to general lighting, where the light spreads over a wide area, a task light is brighter and points to a specific direction. These lights also include floodlights to be installed outdoors for security purposes. Ceiling lights placed over a particular wall helps you to get things done under this light.

These kinds of lights are popular when reading a book, working in the kitchen, or a repair corner in the garage. The sole purpose is to aid in getting the job done. For example, a general light in the bathroom will illumination the entire area, but a task light over the vanity mirror will help to avoid any risks of cuts while shaving.

Highlighting the Best Parts of your Home

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Lights used to point to an element of your home is explicitly call accent lighting. The edge of an antique furniture piece, a famous painting or the texture colours of a wall can be put under the spotlight. The use of accent lights enhances the unique features of your home, making it look posh and elegant.

Accent lights use halogen lights that enhance the aesthetics of your favourite piece like a championship trophy. Or string lights that light the edges of your fireplace. These lights are often only used on special occasions like Christmas. Many celebrated interior designers now use accent lights as part of their design plan. You may notice one-of-a-kind floor lamps or strange ceiling lights that add class to any room.

Other Benefits of Ideal Lights in your Home

Apart from the functional and aesthetic values of installing the right amount of lights, there are other benefits as well. Efficiently installing lights in your home will also help you save massive amounts of electricity bills annually. It, in turn, helps you in keeping the environment by cutting down on costs.

A popular choice for the source of energy today is solar power. It enables homeowners to make a one-time investment in a solar installation and reap the benefits for a long time to come. Bulbs that light up using solar energy store the power using sunlight during the day and light up during the night. The best part is that these bulbs do not require any additional wiring or added expenses.

Alternatively, you can choose from a variety of light bulbs. Compact fluorescent light gives off less heat as compared to incandescent light bulbs. It helps you in saving about 75 per cent energy and they last longer: about ten times. Moreover, LEDs generate light without any heat, thus using a lower amount of electricity. LEDs typically last about 50 times more than the regular incandescent light bulbs.

Calculating Light for Optimum Levels of Illumination

To calculate the right levels of illumination, you can use a few formulas. These are complicated in the sense that it needs to be understood correctly. However, overall this calculation is quite simple once you get the hang of it. To understand the standard level of illumination, take this, for example. If you have to light up a room of 500 square feet, you will need 15 bulbs of 100 Watts each.

This formula applies to all public spaces. However, keep in mind that if a particular room used for a purpose, you will need to make adjustments. If the distance you were calculating light for will operate as a study, you will need to add additional lights over a study table. The same goes for a studio where task lights will install over mirrors. One more thing to keep in mind is the colours of the walls. Bright colours tend to reflect the light off, making the room brighter. It may also mean that you do not need to add 15 bulbs, for example, because of the brightly coloured walls. 12 bulbs of 100 watts each may suffice in providing optimum levels of light in the room.

Getting Light from Outside

The same goes for spaces in your home where you get enough natural light during the day. The chances of these areas getting light from sources outside your home will be high. Use the location of these spaces in your home to your advantage. By adding these sources of light, you will be reducing your own cost of lighting. Although this reduction will not be significant, the ambience it will create would be highly important.

It would help if you had in mind that the light you are calculating does not contribute to the light pollution of your neighbourhood. It also applies to your outdoor lighting and fixtures. You can also figure out how much light you need for the exterior of your home.

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Understanding the Calculations

ShineLong is not just a company that focuses on sales but on the impact they make. To teach customers about the importance of lights, they also aim at educating customers. It goes to show that they take their effect on the environment seriously. You may use their data available on the website to appropriately calculate the optimum levels of light for all your home spaces.

Keep in mind that calculations alone will not be helpful unless you ensure that you are using the correct fixtures and light bulbs. A wrong choice can alter your understanding and result in an over lighted or an under the lighted room. To ensure that your cunnings are accurate, you must choose the ideal type of lights. The right choice will help you save energy costs and create a positive impact on the environment. As mentioned, the overall personality of space is the combination of many things synchronized together to make a home. The importance of character by adding furniture, paintings, art pieces, and heirlooms is one thing. Choosing wall paints and creating a theme around a colour palette is another.

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Final thought

The final touch that adds class and brings everything together is the lights. The right colour, the precise fixture, and the correct placement will make everything look great. If you have trouble calculating the optimum levels of illumination for your home, you can contact the professionals at ShineLong. Here, you can get advice about all your lighting needs, be it indoors or outdoors. You may not understand the do’s and don’ts when selecting the fixtures and the type of light needed in a targeted area of your home. A professional verdict will help you get an idea and the perfect solution to all your lighting problems.

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