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What is Lamebook?

What is Lamebook?

Lamebook is a page that seeks to parody the stupidest issues that are treated in the social network of Facebook. All those nonsense, absurd groups, and phrases that we ask Facebook users who do in the world’s largest social network are the main objects of a mockery of this website, Lamebook.

But Lamebook was simply a little known site so far. So far, at which point he begins to gain fame thanks to Zureckberg’s own social network, Facebook, which has been threatened with demand from Facebook. Thus, Lamebook has decided to engage in a battle against Facebook using the First draft as its own defense:

“Unlike the web site Facebook, the web site Lamebook doesn’t provide social networking services or practicality to its users and, therefore, doesn’t contend with Facebook.

This is how things are, and Facebook instead of getting Lamebook to close its page, have made Lamebook gain more popularity. How smart!

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Ah, Facebook. 

Another of the great things we have encountered on the internet. And as! Games, friends, chat, applications, and groups with idiotic names … ah, yes, life goes by quickly on Facebook. But there is never a lack of those situations of others’ punishment that happen thanks to the indiscreet status, joining a contradictory group or, the worst: the people who have their parents on Facebook and that they comment on the piggy status of their children. Do these situations deserve to be forgotten? Of course not! That’s why Lamebook presents you with the funniest and idiot of this social network, one of the most popular in recent years.

Lamebook vs. Facebook

Lamebook is one of those pages that bring together the horrors, enclosures, and mischief that are seen on social networks. Users can upload screenshots of conversations with clueless mothers, photos uploaded by insensitive friends or unfortunate states. Then, the other users comment and vote the posts.

Now, users can also donate money for the legal defense of the page, immersed in a legal battle with Facebook. But the most relevant is perhaps the Facebook frontal attack, which with 500 million users is the largest social network in the world and one of the companies with the most presence on the Web.

For a few days, the links that users hang on Facebook to Lamebook pages (it looks like a tongue twister, but it is like that) do not work, because the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg has blocked them. Nor can you mark the pages of Lamebook with the classic “like” and has closed its page on Facebook.

The conflict began in March, when Facebook demanded that the name be changed, stating that they were violating their trademark. In response, those responsible for Lamebook went to court a few weeks ago. And his rival has not taken in making all his strength effective, depriving the page of a crucial source of traffic.

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