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Spotify Lyrics: How to Get Lyrics on Spotify and It’s Karaoke Time

Spotify Lyrics: How to Get Lyrics on Spotify and It’s Karaoke Time

Spotify has a very legitimate reputation for eliminating useful and loving functions. One of the last features that provoked the biggest protest among users was the elimination of the songs.

Instead, Spotify introduced the very non-descript behind the lyrics. Instead of showing you the lyrics of a song, you can now only see the “main texts,” accompanied by the story, which inspired them. Worse, the feature is not available in all songs and only in English.

As I said, it is not impressive.

But did you know that there is still a way to enjoy the lyrics of a song? At least there is when you hear on an Android device. You only need to install the QuickLyric application. Let’s take a closer look.

To get started, you need to download the QuickLyric application from the Google Play Store. After installing it on your device, follow the simple step-by-step instructions below to correctly configure Spotify.

  • Open the Spotify application.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down to device transmission status.
  • Slide the lever to the ON position.

Then start playing a song with Spotify and return to the QuickLyric application. The lyrics should appear immediately on the screen. Some songs even have live lyrics available.

Once a song ends, you may need to press the Update button to change the text to the new song.

QuickLyric works with multiple Android music player applications, including Google Play Music, Apple Music, and VLC. And remember, there are many other ways to get letters online. With all the resources available, you’ll be king of karaoke in no time!

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The Spotify test shows full lyrics folded with music: Karaoke Time

For more than two years, Spotify has offered the Behind the Lyrics feature that allows users to view parts of the lyrics or verses that are accompanied by comments from other listeners and, sometimes, background information from the artists themselves.

Now the company is finally working to show subscribers what they want to see: automatic text messages very simple and without frills.

Spotify has begun testing real-time lyrics in selected countries shortly after Apple Music introduced the feature with the release of iOS 13.

Non-US users have reported that song lyrics in the Spotify mobile app synchronized with song playback. The screenshots of these users show that the function provided by the QuickLyric application is under the representation controls. It is also possible to view the texts in full-screen mode, which should facilitate singing.

TechCrunch has received confirmation from Spotify that the real-time lyrics feature is being tested. “We can confirm that we are testing this feature in a small number of markets,” the spokesman said. “At Spotify, we are constantly testing new products and experiences, but we have no news to report at this time.”

The real-time text function was one of the most requested features of Spotify. Behind the lyrics, there is an association between the music streaming service and Genius that is closer to Spotify users. However, instead of displaying lyrics in karaoke style, artists’ stories and quotes about lyrics are posted. It is very informative, but it is not what users need if they want to sing the songs.

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