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Concise Introduction Of Windows VPS USA And Its Features

Concise Introduction Of Windows VPS USA And Its Features

The United States of America, with its vast majority of citizens, are internet users. We can provide the top Windows VPS USA for those who need this Microsoft server OS support. We offer a cheap Windows VPS set with superior primary nodes with robust connectivity to assure that our Windows VPS USA with SSD storage generates its peak performance. It also provides you with the freedom to operate your websites and install any software without interference.

In terms of server management, you do not have to worry about it since we offer a fully managed server for every single hosting plan. Our hosting bundles consist of SSD storage, configuration, maintenance, and full-time customer support for you, our clients, so you do not have to divide your concentration and keep your focus on managing your business departments.

What is a Windows Virtual Server?

Microsoft or Windows Virtual Server is a virtualization process of a physical server distributed by Microsoft. It can work some systems like a physical server can do. Small businesses or companies typically use this technology to support their business. Based on that, you may guess that the difference between Windows regular OS and server OS serves different purposes. For a stable OS, it is for your daily needs, whether for work or personal interest. While server OS, its usage is to support a giant IT network for business or professional purposes.

Speaking of Windows, the name for its regular OS and server OS is quite similar back in the past, until Hyper-V altered it. Microsoft releases its stable and server operating systems simultaneously. Besides, suppose you ever use or see it before. In that case, the desktop interface itself does not differ between these two, mainly for the total operating hardware and its function.


Using regular Windows OS permits the only CPU with two spaces and RAM amount up to 2TB. On the other side, using Windows Server OS enables you to operate with a CPU of 64 Spaces and total RAM reach 24TB. As we mentioned before, due to its purpose to support business or professional environment, Windows server allows you to work by using enterprise applications. These applications can assist you in several functions like file storage to manage data space access, controller for Windows Update system. An active role is known as a domain controller to validate all users in your company. Also, this function can mitigate the server from threats that come from local network computers.

Next is DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to control IP addresses for all local network computers. As for the security aspect, in comparison to regular Windows OS, the Windows Server operating system possess strict procedure in terms of protection. Based on these statements, the Windows Server operating system is more expensive than traditional operating systems when it comes to pricing. Besides, when you utilize Windows server OS, you have to pay for the Client Access Licenses to use the server to its maximum potential.

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What are the differences between a VPS and shared hosting?

In this part, after you get some understandings of windows vps OS, now you have to know what it means by VPS USA, especially its difference with shared hosting. In a word, using shared hosting means you have to share one server with other users. So your website has several other sites as your neighbour. Shared hosting is affordable, and you could say that it is the cheapest alternatives to web hosting plans. However, due to its low price, shared hosting comes with limited resources, like bandwidth, RAM, etc.

On the other hand, VPS hosting stands as the only choice in terms of hosting plans. With a more generous amount of resources and better performance, this hosting service is set at a higher price. Next, let us dive into a more depth explanation of the differences between shared and VPS hosting.

  • Resources

Like its name, in shared hosting, you also get to share the resources of the server. Unlike dedicated resources that you are free to use for your site only when using a dedicated server. Windows VPS USA itself, stand in between shared and dedicated server.

In-depth sharing of the resources of the server will make you encounter assorted restrictions. For instance, resource usage like RAM/memory, storage capacity, and CPU will be limited. Because of this, your website will operate without using the full amount of provided resources on the server. Assuming that your current site not needed extensive resource usage, this limitation will not be an issue for you, but it will be different if your site requires an immense use of resources. As for VPS hosting, you get your help; this is needed if you run a high traffic website to mitigate any issues and ensure your website’s visitors get the best user experience.

  • Performance

Based on the previous explanation, you probably can guess an immense amount of resources will bring excellent performance for your site. In shared hosting, the account can also be affected because of the other websites operation. It can be said as the “additional feature” you get because of using a low price hosting plan. On the contrary, VPS  USA gives you the perk to operate your website on high performance due to its dedicated resources.

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Windows VPS Features

As for the features of the Windows server, take Windows Server 2019 as an example. Let us take a closer look at its features:

  • Desktop experience

Windows Server 2019 releases as an LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel), which means that it possesses a Desktop Experience.

  • System Insights

The newest feature that you can only get by using this server OS. System insights are like a calculator that generates reports on operation performance and functions of the server. It can reduce the operational cost that relates to server management.

  • Hybrid Cloud

This feature enhances the compatibility and functionality of the Server Core while also monitoring it.

  • Security

The OS server also implements Windows Defender with ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) to suppress and force stop any malware process on the server. Besides, there is also SDN (Software Defined Networking), one of the features that makes server users choose Windows server OS as their operating system.

These are some samples of features that make Windows Server become popular among hosting customers.

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