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Guide For The Best Windows 10 Fax Software – CocoFax

Guide For The Best Windows 10 Fax Software – CocoFax

Even though the use of fax has diminished by much-advanced communication media, fax still stands its ground and is preferred over a bunch of other ways for official communications and messaging.

As every other thing has progressed nowadays, fax has too. It has built up in a way that it has become much more comfortable than before. Yes, only the way you fax your documents has improved. All the other positive aspects, like security and safety, are as they were back.

Faxing has now been made feasible through various stress-free ways, which also include faxing through Windows 10. You can now lay back and deliver your faxes just through your Windows 10 computer or laptop. Gone is the time when fax machines were necessary for providing and receiving faxes.

Windows 10 Fax is Optimal as compared to Fax Machines

Although faxing through fax machines is an old and much-used way to send faxes, but you might as well know that not every old is gold. Fax machines have some limitations, too, which are overcome by this much advanced faxing method that Windows 10. Hence, we will attempt to disclose to you the distinction in these two faxing media, so it is simple for you to comprehend.

At the point when you send a Fax through a Fax machine, you will initially need to put resources into a Fax machine. That isn’t the main cost that accompanies it. There additionally are the prerequisites like ink, paper, and machine support.

Furthermore, all the Faxes sent and gotten are in printed copies (printed paper). And if you need to locate a specific report, you may need to peruse through a vast number of these records to find the right one.

In conclusion, fax papers can view by anybody. While in the case of Windows 10 fax, everything authenticated through passwords. So keep in mind this security advantage.

CocoFax – The Ultimate Windows 10 Faxing solution

Starting with the first way to send faxes on Windows 10, we have CocoFax – this Windows 10 fax software is all you need for the purpose. CocoFax is an incredible faxing app that allows you to send and receive faxes without all the bother of using fax machines. Inside CocoFax itself, there is more than one way to fax on Windows 10; hence it is a very versatile faxing software.

When talking about its notability, CocoFax is more than famous in the faxing market. And this can be seen from the fact that CocoFax has featured in some of the top media outlets like the New York Times, Forbes, and Toms Guide, to name just a few.

Part 1: Windows 10 Fax via CocoFax Web Service

Here are some easy to follow steps for faxing through Windows 10 using CocoFax online dashboard.

Step 1:

The very first thing needed is a CocoFax account. Don’t stress over it, thinking that you don’t have one. It just takes a couple of minutes to create one. Just head to the official CocoFax site and get the opportunity of checking CocoFax out first for a month by hitting the 30-day-free-trial button.

Yes, CocoFax will never cease to amaze you; hence fasten your seat-belt if you haven’t yet as there are many amazing things, however, to come. Check out GoogleFaxfree here for more detailed information. Moreover, you can even choose your fax number and that too for free. Fax numbers is a must-have for any faxing.

But CocoFax understands your worries very well; hence it has this incredible function of providing free of cost fax numbers to its millions of users worldwide.

Step 2:

After successfully registering yourself up, you can now access your online dashboard, which will hold all of your faxes. Here you will create the new fax you want to send.

First of all, press on the ‘New Fax’ tab, which will open a new composing window. In this window, fill in all the empty fields (you can leave the optional ones empty). The recipient’s fax address, containing the fax number, will be placed in the ‘To’ field. It is mandatory to fill this field as there must be a destination address where the fax will send.

Then there are ‘Cover Page’ and ‘Subject’ fields. The first will contain the text you want to have on the first page of your fax document. The later will have the text that will appear at the top of your file. Both are optional fields, however. Last but not least, attach the file you want to fax.

Step 3:

When you have finalized the above steps, you can send your fax. CocoFax will also let you know that whether your fax was positively delivered or not. You will be sent a notification message on your dashboard as well as on your email address.

Part 2: Windows 10 Fax via CocoFax Email-to-Fax Service

Here is another way that this incredible faxing software offers to transfer your faxes through Windows 10 in a botherless way. You can use it to send faxes from your Windows computer without phone lines.

Step 1:

This method, too, requires a CocoFax account. As mentioned previously, creating an account is not a bother with CocoFax. You need to give in the required details like your name and email address(Gmail or any other), and then you’re ready to go.

Did I mention that CocoFax lets you make your fax number yourself? Yup, custom fax numbers are a part of the fantastic work done by CocoFax. You can choose the fax number that suits you and your firm the best.

Step 2:

Open your email address from the Gmail app or your web browser. Next, compose a new mail. Just like you create your regular emails, fill in all the required info. Write the destination fax address in the ‘To’ field, document heading in the ‘Subject’ field, and first page content in the ‘email body.’

Coming towards the central part, attach the file you want to fax by pressing the little paper clip icon. CocoFax supports a variety of file formats like doc, png, xls, and jpg, etc. When done with everything, go through all the data entered and then press the ‘Send’ button. You will be informed when your fax reaches its destination. In any case, if it fails to do so, you will still be notified.


If we begin to mention all of the CocoFax’s amazing features, your device will run out of battery. So we suggest that you check it out yourself to gain full knowledge about it. Once you start using CocoFax, you cannot deny its superb features and will become addicted to it.

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