10 Things You Must Have If You Own A Business

Many neglects the fact that they print a corporate form with a black and white company logo in the corner on an old inkjet printer and believe that they completely closed the issue of branding. It is far from the case. Consider the most popular and effective products you must have if you own a business.

The twentieth century, which has been intensely industrial and technological, provides an impressive perspective on what has been achieved in terms of technological evolution. In everything from architecture to printer ink, the magic dreamed at other times has come true in the eyes of the inhabitants of the century. Whether in terms of flying like birds, communicating at a distance, producing and controlling energy, mastering matter through their chemical interrelations, and producing thus new products and materials.

Corporate Envelope

Send documents to customers and partners not only on letterhead but also in a branded envelope. Thus, you will not only speed up the process of initializing letters but also immediately help the recipient to distinguish your message from dozens of identical white envelopes.

The envelope format can be different – there are a lot of standards for different sizes of papers. The most common: C4, C5, C6 / C5, and C6. You will find them in any printing house.

Business Cards

It is probably the most popular and sought-after product for branding. The business card should be bright, pleasant to the touch, and memorable. Therefore, today you can meet just a vast number of design solutions in this direction. You can also get customized business cards online, made on transparent plastic by UV printing, look original, as if from films about the distant future.

Business Forms

Business letterheads are designed to be placed on standard A4-sized sheets of paper and are usually located at the top of the page, the bottom of the page, or both. Letterheads are needed to help customers understand who sends them mail and information.

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The Calendar

Convenient and useful accessory. It doesn’t matter what calendar it is – desktop horizontal or vertical wall, from plain cardboard or glossy paper. Even even though everyone has a schedule in their smartphone or laptop, it’s always easier to look to the right of the monitor to check the days of the week than to open the application.

It is the right solution as a gift printing industry – it will not be thrown out like a card or flyer but will use all year. And do not forget that the beautiful and unobtrusive application of the company logo will make the calendar another advertising platform for your brand.

Notepad, Diary, Glider

Despite the massive number of software and electronic solutions for taking notes and plans, standard paper notebooks are still trendy. They are used literally in every office. Present branded diaries to your best customers and partners – this is an excellent way to remind yourself and stay in full view.

Craft notebooks of a non-standard format will look especially impressive. Thick paper, leather binding, thoughtful signs, and beautiful design stand out very much, and with your logo, they will be associated with your company and cause pleasant emotions.

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Flash Drive

A portable USB drive is convenient, useful, and fresh. Yes, buying and branding a batch of flash drives will cost more than a bunch of pens. But there will also be more benefits from them.

For example, you are presenting a new company product. At the event, procure a set of promotional materials, printed materials, stationery – a standard such package. Add to them a branded flash drive, on which there will be an electronic version of your presentation and some bonus files. It will not only increase your interest but also will benefit every person who comes to the event.

Logo Pack

A regular package with your logo that you can effectively use at corporate events, exhibitions, and conferences. Fold in it the handout that you plan to distribute to the participants in the event. In such a package, you can fold A4 or A5 leaflets, some promotional materials, the same notebook, and flash drive.

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Do you often ship goods in cardboard boxes? Use branded tape to pack them. It is not only an outstanding way to prevent unauthorized opening of the parcel, but also a superb identification mark. Here, just as with the envelope, it becomes immediately apparent who sent this box and what could be in it.


This is the essential office worker tool. A coffee mug helps to start a busy day briskly. It is the best friend and ally of your colleague throughout the working day.

But just a branded mug is not as attractive as a thermos mug. Play it among your customers. The winner will speak well about your brand in your environment and show how you look. Other participants will also talk about you on social networks for a while, increasing your recognition, thinking about starting a small business? Learn about what to do when you are getting started.

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What are the advantages of these things for your business?

There are a lot of them. Pens, notebooks, envelopes, letterheads, flyers, folders, calendars, packages, scotch tape – you can list for a long time, but the essence is that there are so many things that people use every day, and these things can promote your brand consistently. And what’s most important – it doesn’t matter what material this or that stationery item is made of, modern technologies allow you to quickly and inexpensively brand it.

Keep reminding yourself: The main thing is to always be in sight. One of the best conducts to do this is with branded office supplies.

After all, when your client uses the pen on which your logo embosses, he involuntarily thinks about your brand and advertises it to others. They will always be in front of people’s eyes, will continuously remind them of you, increase recognition and loyalty, which will ultimately simplify sales, and improve customer relationships.


The branded office is a great way to remind yourself and be always in sight. These are not just some pleasant trinkets, but useful tools that are used by millions of people every day. And if you care about the visibility and recognition of your brand, then think about the fact that your corporate identity has worked out as deeply as possible.


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