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How to Become Master of Searching on LinkedIn

How to Become Master of Searching on LinkedIn

Searching on LinkedIn: With rapid growth, LinkedIn may quickly become your major job search tool, therefore understanding the platform should be a key priority.

LinkedIn has detailed business and professional information which makes it easier for you to find your target people. You need to have a laser-like focus to get to your potential audience.

Doing so will help you foster a professional network across your industry and beyond. It could come to use in many scenarios, such as job search, getting investors for a potential business, or even just support from people in your industry!

Tips to Master LinkedIn Search

Here are some strategies to master searching on LinkedIn.

  1. On LinkedIn, you often know exactly who or what you’re searching for. Let’s imagine you just left a meeting with someone whose name you don’t know how to spell – perhaps Karen, but it might also be Karun or Kiran.

We’ll assist you in finding the perfect individual by surfacing results that are most likely to be of                  interest to you based on your shared connections, companies, or groups.

  1. Jump straight to the advanced search. One of the most significant advantages of the LinkedIn platform is that the information about individuals is organized. This implies you may provide query keywords for particular fields. And avoiding combining everything into a generic keyword query.

You may access the advanced search by clicking the link next to the search box. Many advanced                 search tools are also available by choosing “Refine Search” on any LinkedIn search results page.

  1. Make use of the sorting options: LinkedIn arranges your search results by keyword relevance by default. This is the best choice in many situations since it prioritizes results based on keyword matches from your search.

Other options are available on LinkedIn. For example, LinkedIn allows you to organize search                      results by the number of degrees you have, which is extremely beneficial if you’re looking for                      individuals in your network who are the closest to you. Simply click “Refine Search” at the top of any          search results page to utilize the sorting.

  1. The Power of Boolean Search: On their profiles, people use various phrases to express comparable things. A digital marketing manager’s profile, for example, may say “Digital Marketer.” This is the OR concept. The LinkedIn search supports OR and AND concepts.

Whereas AND allows you to insist on having both terms in one profile. So, if you want someone who has both Digital Marketer and Digital Market Manager in their profile, you would type Digital Marketer and Digital Market Manager.

So you may have LinkedIn return users who have any of those keywords in their profiles.

This search will bring up everyone in your network who has any of those keywords in their profile.

Key Takeaways

LinkedIn is quickly getting recognized for its search capability. But many people take a while to discover the power of searching. Here are some pointers to master the LinkedIn search.

  • Don’t combine everything into the generic keyword
  • Learn the concept of OR and AND to master the LinkedIn search
  • The sorting option is also a simple and easy way to find people, jobs, and compan.

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