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Set Yourself Apart from the Competition with the Best Gaming Keyboards

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition with the Best Gaming Keyboards

Just like a carpenter or plumber has tools specific to their trade, a gamer requires certain tools to be successful at what they do. Assembling a gaming setup used to entail getting a mouse, keyboard, and a suitable home computer. Today, however, there are numerous accessories and peripherals to help create the best gaming experiences. From headphones to ergonomic gaming chairs there are many options for your gaming setup. Perhaps one of the most important pieces is the gaming keyboard.

A gaming keyboard is equipped with technology to enhance the responsiveness, accuracy, and comfort of the gamer. Serious gamers and casual players alike seek out the best gaming keyboards for their setup. Standard keyboards that accompany many computers today are not made for fast-paced gameplay and can hinder the gaming experience. Gaming keyboards are designed and built specifically for aiding the gameplay processes. The best keyboards can improve the chances of winning with functions like N-key rollover, quicker key actuation, and the ability to create macros. Let’s take a look at how you can set yourself apart with an awesome keyboard.

The best keyboards can improve the chances of winning with functions like N-key rollover, quicker key actuation, and the ability to create macros. Persona gamers can relate, especially when dealing with Persona 5 Tresure Demons.

Fast Keystrokes

Fast Keystrokes

Most people use their keyboard for typing or scrolling and rarely press multiple keys at the same time on purpose. Gamers, however, are often required to press numerous keys simultaneously for certain movements. Each key press and key combination is tied to a specific action in the game. Known as n-key rollover, gaming keyboards are built to handle simultaneous key presses. The best keyboards have higher “n” numbers that support a higher number of simultaneous key presses.

If you’ve ever typed quickly on a regular keyboard, you know that occasionally characters show up that you didn’t type. This is an effect known as key ghosting. Ghosting is one of the consequences of fast keystrokes. If you are typing, ghosting isn’t a big deal as you can just delete any unwanted characters. If you are gaming, however, it can be devastating as it could trigger the wrong move. Selecting a gaming keyboard with anti-ghosting technology can help set your gameplay apart.

Tactile Switches

Tactile Switches

Most keyboards are made with membrane keys or mechanical switches. Membrane keyboards are cheaper to produce and have a layer of silicone that serves as the “spring” for the keys. Some gamers, however, don’t like the membrane style as the layer of silicone creates a spongy response when the keys are pressed.

A way to set yourself apart is to invest in a mechanical keyboard. The keys on this keyboard are much taller to provide for a mechanical switch. Each of these switches has a spring that provides for audible and tactile keystrokes. Gamers often refer to this as a “clicky” response. The tactile feedback of mechanical keyboards is perfect for intense, fast-paced gaming that requires quick keystrokes. A great option for any keyboard has mechanical key switches.

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Macro Function Keys

With gaming seeing big growth, many gamers are spending a lot of time immersed in a game. One way to speed up gameplay is with macros keys. Today, some gaming keyboards are now designed with a set of buttons known as macro keys. These keys are an additional set of buttons that can be customized and programmed. Macro keys allow for pre-programmed keystrokes that the gamer can press repeatedly to duplicate the same action.

As an example, you could program a certain pattern of keystrokes to create a specific sequence that triggers an attack move. When a gamer needs to type a command or click a specific icon, the macro buttons can provide a beneficial shortcut. Gaming keyboards with macros keys can elevate any gameplay.

Other than the switch options and technology, some other things that you might consider for your gaming keyboard are Bluetooth capabilities, cable type, and lighting effects. No matter what options you select, however, the best gaming keyboard that will set you apart is the one that fits your playing style. Take some time to look for keyboards that are right for you and will provide the best gaming experience.

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