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5 Signs That You Are in a Toxic Relationship

5 Signs That You Are in a Toxic Relationship

Toxic Relationship: Modern relationships are becoming more and more complicated. There are so many components in one’s life. There is a social life, personal life, the life we want to show and the life we have.

According to a StaticGuard survey, 63% of people have lied or told exaggerated stories about their interests to get a date. The age group of these people was between 18-34 years. People have feigned interest, faked hobbies and lied about their past or other relationships.

While Justin Bieber might state his true ‘intentions’, how do you know about the intentions of someone you just met? To see if you are in a toxic relationship, just read through the five signs:

1. Secrecy

Honesty is the foundation of every relationship. But if you see your partner being excessively secretive about matters, details and documents, there could be a problem. Sometimes, there’s more to our partners than what meets the eye.

Snooping into someone’s private documents doesn’t send a good message, even if that’s your partner. There is no way you can be in a happy relationship and display your evident lack of faith. What if people are claiming to be someone they are not? How do you know about that?

The answer here is the perfect lookup platform, CocoFinder. As a web-based platform that allows people to search records, CocoFinder provides anonymity and instant results. All you need to do is type the person’s name, and you can see their entire background history.


If your partner is constantly evading particular questions or being excessively secretive, seek the truth by yourself. However confidential the matter is, CocoFinder extracts data out of hidden sources and shows you authentic results.

2. Hidden Relationship

Infidelity is getting very common. The false representation of facts and state of affairs are a part of it. People hide relationships, lie, deceit, claim to be something they are not. Sometimes, you don’t have enough proof to unearth the truth.

CocoFinder’s web platform has an extensive database that extracts data out of authentic sources. Anything related to your partner, spouse or even your date will be revealed. All public data can be accessible. It can even direct to finding out if a person is married.

You can know all such information from CocoFinder. The public records can be accessed immediately. Without any delay, you can attain knowledge. There is nothing more relieving than seeing the actual black and white.


As opposed to social media or dating platforms where people lie left, right and corner, CocoFinder will tell you the truth. It will show you the real relationship status of someone.

3. Negative Financial Behaviour

No one in a pejorative financial situation is happy. Sometimes, people are under a lot of financial constraints but too proud to be talking about them. In turn, they become aggressive, agitating, repressive, depressing and toxic.

Asking someone if they are going through a financial crisis is not the best thing to ask. If anything, that can trigger further toxicity. So, you have to be mindful of not saying it out loud but checking it by yourself.

With CocoFinder, you can check for someone’s financial condition by yourself. You can see their credit score, the mortgages they hold, etc. If there is a financial crisis, you can see it immediately and gather the rationale behind the toxic behaviour.

Some people even pretend to be loaded with wealth but are knee-deep in debt. You can’t just go to their bank and check the status of their finances. On the other hand, CocoFinder will show their financial history and geography to you in record time.

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4. Patterns of Disrespect

Some people disrespect their partners too much. While friendly banters are standard in every relationship, patterns of disrespect must be taken seriously. They could have a history of records wherein their disrespect, anger, and disgust led them into trouble.

You won’t find all this information on the internet or their social media profiles. People try to be as elusive about their failures as possible. However, with CocoFinder, you can check someone’s background, their criminal history. You can also check if they have an account of such behaviour.


By using the above web platform, you can relieve yourself of questions that you have. If there seems to be a repeated history of fallacies by such people, you are in a toxic relationship. It will help if you protect your interest in associating with the right person.

With this information, you can answer questions like:

Does this person have a past criminal history of disrespect?

Has this person even been sued for disrespecting?

If the person has a history like that, should you be investing your time emotions in a person like that?

5. Past Relationships

Does your partner, spouse, the date always duck the question about their past? Do they try to be very secretive and quiet about their relationship history? Under the pretence of not bringing back the buried, they tell you nothing at all?

Sometimes people avoid talking about the past because it’s problematic. They do not want others to see it or know about it. But, the lack of their intention makes it relevant to see and learn about past relationships.

You can dig down their past your way, instigating suspicion. On the contrary, you can see the truth in a much more convenient manner through CocoFinder. You can use this web platform to see and know about past relationships, past marriage, current marital status, etc.


Do not trust people blindly. You can’t have to invest your time and energy in people who are not worthy of it. CocoFinder provides you with the impetus to see the facts. Who is hiding what, and how the platform can direct to finding out if a person is married.

So, find out the truth devoid of social media painting. Know the truth you deserve to know. Seek the fact that can relieve you from a toxic relationship. No one matters more than you.

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