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Coordinate Anniversary Cakes with Color for the Year and Counting

Coordinate Anniversary Cakes with Color for the Year and Counting


Your wedding anniversary Cakes is a special day which is approved of the commitment and affection you and your partner share. As the years license by, there will be a million things that you’re going to recognize about your partner. There is no guarantee that you were going to love every single out of them, but one thing is for sure that despite all of the flaws you choose to stay by the side of your partner every single time, and this is what makes your bond unique. There will be times where when you find that your partner is difficult to reason with, but this is all a part of the package that comes along you need to learn to push through the challenging part just as you glide through all of the happy moments.

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While you might not have put much effort into deciding the colour of the cake for your anniversary celebration but if you come across the fact that there are specific colours associated with every single year of the anniversary, you will realize that you can play with the colours when choosing the cake for your anniversary party. The following is a list of pointers to suggest you with cakes of different colours as per the number of years you have completed with your partner to make sure that you do this colour coordination right. Read all to plunge straight into the details.

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Lemon cake for 1st Wedding Anniversary

The colour which is gravely associated with the 1st wedding anniversary cakes is yellow. Hence, it strongly backs that you should celebrate your first wedding anniversary with a lemon cake. While you are, I think to get to know each other you might come across specific quirks of your partner that you not only tolerate but somehow cherish as well. Nothing could be better than a lemon cake to celebrate this sweet and sour relationship that you share with your partner.

Vanilla Cake for 2nd Wedding Anniversary

off- white is the colour which is strongly associated with that of the 2nd wedding anniversary cakes full stroke while there are numerous options for you to choose and dolled up with white cake frosting. It proposes that you should opt for the vanilla cake. It is a classic choice that you can never go wrong.

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Velvet cake for 15th Wedding Anniversary

The red colour is associated with the 15th wedding anniversary. Since the best way for you to celebrate 15 years of togetherness with your partner is to order red velvet cake online. Even though the red velvet anniversary cake is a preferred choice for a happy birthday cake, there is no reason for you to drop the flavour.

Metallic Cake for 25th Wedding Anniversary

Twenty-five year is a long period for two people to be there for each other in all their times, good or bad. The only way you can remember it to this day is with a silver metallic cake.

Hopefully, all the pointers that have discussed in the article will help you to choose the appropriate anniversary cake for your partner. The easiest way for you to choose a cake with the designated colour for the year is by determining the sort of flavour that goes well along with a particular colour. It might seem a tad bit difficult for you to catch on, but when you reach out to a reliable platform to order cake online, you will realize that this is a common notion that people reach out for good luck.

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