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Understanding Tubular Battery Vs. Flat Plate Battery Vs. Gel Battery

Understanding Tubular Battery Vs. Flat Plate Battery Vs. Gel Battery

After innumerable power cuts started affecting your work at home, you purchased an inverter to combat the outages. Though, you got stumped at the next stage, i.e. deciding which inverter battery to purchase. It can be a daunting decision to buy an inverter battery if you have no idea about them.


Let us come to your rescue with this engaging guide that will help you in understanding the various types of inverter batteries, how each of them works, and the pros and cons of each. This will ultimately help you in making a choice regarding which inverter battery to purchase. There are three types of inverter battery – flat plate, gel, and tubular battery. So, let’s take a look at them.

Flat Plate Battery

Flat plate batteries are the oldest type of inverter batteries used. These are rechargeable batteries that are also known as lead-acid batteries. Flat plate batteries comprise two flat lead plates that are immersed in an electrolyte solution. The solution contains sulphuric acid, which reacts with the lead plates to produce DC voltage.

The negative and positive plates in flat plate batteries are assembled in a grid manner, due to which they have a shorter life expectancy.

These batteries require regular maintenance in the form of topping up the distilled water. It is important to note that you must never add regular water in place of distilled water because regular water contains additional minerals that can cause harm to the battery.

Flat plate batteries are economical, however, they emit harmful gases during charging and discharging.

Gel Battery

These batteries are more popularly known as maintenance-free batteries. This is because they are sealed batteries in which the electrolyte does not require distilled water top-up. Hence, they do not require any form of maintenance, apart from keeping the battery fully charged and clean.

Gel batteries are more expensive than flat plate batteries. On the other hand, they are environment-friendly, extremely safe, and efficient.

Tubular Battery

A tubular battery employs the latest technology making it extremely popular. This type of battery is designed using tubes that are stacked vertically, giving it a comb-like structure. The tube-shaped plates in a tubular battery are armoured and are made from fibreglass, which helps in providing an uninterrupted power supply for long durations. A tubular battery requires little or no maintenance because of its structure and the materials used for construction.

A tubular battery is corrosion-resistant, safe for the environment, leak-proof, and efficient. More importantly, tubular batteries are suitable for charging heavy-duty appliances that require a steady current.

A tubular battery can be of two types – short and tall tubular battery. Going by the name, a short tubular battery is short and broad. Due to their compact size, they are well-suited to smaller homes. The capacity for such batteries ranges between 60Ah and 180Ah.

A tall tubular battery is taller and thinner when compared to a short tubular battery. This type of tubular battery can have a capacity between 110Ah and 220Ah.

Due to their efficiency, reliability, and long charging capabilities, tubular batteries are more expensive than flat plate batteries and gel batteries.

Comparison Between Flat Plate, Gel, and Tubular Batteries

Particulars Flat Plate Battery Gel Battery Tubular Battery
Price Low Moderate Expensive
Maintenance Regular maintenance No maintenance required Little maintenance required
Environment-Friendly No Yes No
Efficiency Less efficient Highly Efficient Highly-efficient
Warranty 15-30 months 36-54 months 36-75 months

Which Battery to Choose?

Since you have an in-depth idea about the types of inverter batteries now, you would be able to choose an inverter battery without any hesitation. Remember to keep your requirements in mind, which will help you in selecting the best inverter battery.

You should approach reliable brands like Luminous when purchasing an inverter battery. This is because such brands provide excellent batteries that deliver enhanced and optimized performances every single time.

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