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How Technology and Cybersecurity Change Each Other

How Technology and Cybersecurity Change Each Other

Information Technology and Cybersecurity

Information technology and cybersecurity have a relationship that goes long back. Any technology that we build must be safe to use. With the beginning of the digital age in the 1970s, also known as the information age, computer security also came into the picture. From the first computer worm to the first worm deleter, the digital world has now moved on to more advanced hacks and even more advanced anti-hack systems. Information technology updated and evolved over the years, and so did cybersecurity. Decades back, when there was no internet, the organisations depended on passwords to secure their computers. After all this time, we still are contingent on similar mechanisms to protect our information and devices. However, technology and digital security have changed a lot since that time.

Digital World

A shift in the digital world creates a change in the real world as well before the arrival of social media networking, hacking limit in its means. There was only so much a hacker could do to find out about its targets. To elaborate more, imagine how hard would it be for someone to break into a bank before banking became digital. The digitisation of institutions has opened up new avenues for hacking. As more and more records and institutions like healthcare and banking become digital, more information expose to the perils of digital hacking. Today, someone who has enough hacking skills can not just crack open a Facebook or Twitter account, but can also mess with airports, traffic systems, government records, space exploration agencies and nuclear energy plants.

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All these new possibilities of cyber threats have affected the information security industry as well. Cybersecurity is not what it was fifty years ago. In today’s ethical hacking training, and 17 years old can learn how to breach into a Fortune 500 company if the latter has not put up enough defence systems in place. We can, thus, agree that better technology has also amounted to better cybersecurity as a consequential necessity. It brings us to the last objective of the article: how does cybersecurity change technology?

Social Media

Change is the only constant in the technological world. Social media came and conquered the world. Voice assistants are charming a part of our homes. Internet of Clothes is becoming the next big thing, and Artificially Intelligent technologies are making the whole world better, more advanced and more efficient. If these technologies are not cyber secure, they will not sustain massive public use and will never reach their full potential. It is because of cybersecurity that innovations become widely accepted in public. Without cybersecurity keeping up with the changes, people will end up losing more than they gain from smart machines. To cite an example, the CEH syllabus updates time and again, to keep up with the new and emerging features of cybersecurity.

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In a nutshell, better tech leads to better cybersecurity and vice versa. Both of these fields evolve and push each other as if they are working in a perfect loop. Thanks to cybersecurity experts, our devices, software and everyday applications like our payment apps and video calling, are safe, reliable, easy to use and economical in the long term. We have to make sure that cybersecurity experts can match the fast-evolving pace of hackers. Black hat hackers are always more motivated and quick to adapt to IT changes. And if we want to live in a safe world, we must ensure that the field of cybersecurity is not late to catch up to these transformations.

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