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Cyberbullying’s 10 Warning Signs

Cyberbullying’s 10 Warning Signs

Are you worried about your kid? They have not been on their own lately, and it might be a case of Cyberbullying’s.

Due to the rapid growth of digital technologies and smartphones, it is difficult for parents to keep their kids aware of their devices.

Every kid nowadays will have at least one device where they can use the Internet. They can know about many things, get new ideas, and connect with different people on the Internet.

But parents are unaware of the consequences that the Internet might bring to their kids. The Internet is equally dangerous to the kids as it is important to them.

In contrast, Cyberbullying is one of the major problems the Internet can happen to kids.

According to the BroadBand Research Center data, 60 percent of teenagers have faced Cyberbullying in 2021, which is a very high number.

Want to know about warning signs to know if your kid is a victim of some cyberbullying? Let’s Jump in!

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying’s is bullying that takes place on different digital devices like smartphones, pcs, laptops, etc. It may happen via SMS, text, phone calls, applications, social media apps, forums, games, and so on.

It includes sending negative messages, explicit photos, and videos, mean contents, or sharing personal or private information about someone, which may cause embarrassment or humiliation.

In addition, Cyberbullying’s is also considered criminal behavior.

Cyberbullying doesn’t hurt people physically, but it can affect someone mentally, which can cause serious damage in their life.

Effects of Cyberbullying

As I said earlier, cyberbullying’s can hurt people mentally that can cause them severe damage. Some of the effects that cyberbullying causes are:

  • Depression and Anxiety

The stress of cyberbullying’s regularly can steal their feelings of happiness and joyfulness, and it can also lower their confidence to face others and increase feelings of worry and isolation.

In addition, one study claimed that 93% of the victims of cyberbullying have depression, anxiety, or some stress-related condition, which is a very high percentage.

  • Suicidal Thoughts and Self Harm

Sometimes kids deal with cyberbullying or any other kind of bullying by hurting themselves. It may include cutting themselves, burning themselves, or any other actions that may hurt them.

Cyberbullying’s increases the risk of suicides too. The kids who are victims of cyberbullying may feel hopeless with their lives, and the only way they can think of getting relief from this action is by hurting themselves or ending their lives.

  • Academic Issues

Cyberbully victims may lose interest in school and study. They might make different reasons to avoid the classes because they might be embarrassed by the contents that have been shared of them or afraid to face the bullies who have been bullying them.

As a result, it can degrade their academic grades, and they may lose interest in studies completely.

Warning Signs that Hints Your Kid is a Victim of Cyberbullying

So what are the signs that may give you some hints that your kid is a victim of cyberbullying? Here are some of the signs to which you should pay attention.

Upset or Frustrated when going online

Have you witnessed your child getting very angry or breaking their devices, looking at the screen, or playing games? This outburst can signify that your child is a victim of cyberbullying, as kids may do this to distance themselves from bullies.

So as a parent, it would be best if you were very careful of the contents they have been witnessing.

Nervous when texting or on social media platforms

Does your kid become nervous or jumpy when you or other family members see their device’s screen? It is also one of the red flags that can hint your kid is a victim of cyberbullying, as they don’t want you or any other family members to see embarrassing texts or content about themselves to you.

Uneasy or making reasons to avoid school

It is a major warning sign which gives you a hint that your kid is uncomfortable or nervous around their friends or school environment. You must be very careful when they try to make different reasons to avoid school or call you if you can come home early often.

Unwilling to discuss or share information about online matters

When it comes to online bullying, increasing secrecy is another key warning flag. Kids, especially when it comes to their parents, attempt to keep things hidden.

So as a parent, you need to be aware whenever it looks like your kid is trying to hide something from you or try to act like normal only when you are around.

Unexplained Health-related Symptoms

Health-related symptoms like headaches, stomachaches, unexpected weight loss, and weight gain can be results of physical signs that may be due to cyberbullying.

Due to the increased tension, kids may gain different health-related issues. You need to be very careful whenever these things happen; if it goes on for a long time, it may very fast affect your children’s health.

Loss of Interest in Favourite Sports or Hobbies

Different kids have different hobbies on their own. Some may like to play sports, games; some may like to paint, art, etc. But what if they instantly lose interest in them?

Loss of interest in hobbies is also another warning sign of online bullying as they cannot concentrate on other things instead of the actions that are giving them trouble.

Sudden Anti-social

If your kid is not happy and wants to be alone in their room by themselves, it could be a sign. As I said earlier, cyberbullying’s can take away their self-confidence and self-esteem, and they might be afraid to get engaged with people.

Trouble Sleeping at Night

People think about everything at night when they are in bed. So the kid who is a victim of online bullying will have trouble sleeping as they think about the things bullies say about them.

In addition, this fatigue can result in loss of energy, and they fall asleep while they are in school or any other places during the daytime.

Suicidal Attempts or Talking about Such kinds of Stuff

No parent should take this lightly. Even when they utter words like suicide, self-harm, or other similar phrases, it’s essential to take caution.

Contact a professional mental health expert if you think your child is hurt mentally as soon as possible. It can save their life. Also, they might express or say things to experts that they hesitate to tell you.

Warning Signs that Hints Your Kid is Taking Part in Cyberbullying

You must exercise extreme caution as a parent when you think your kid is a victim of online bullying, but you need to be the same if you think your kid is taking part in cyberbullying’s, as it can hurt other kids and get your kid in trouble.

With these actions, your kid can be the same when they grow up with those bully behaviors and negative attitudes. So it would help if you sorted these things when they are small.

So what are some of the signs that hint your kids are taking part in some online bullying?

  1. Switch screen or try to hide devices whenever someone is close
  2. Laughs excessively whenever they use their phone
  3. Uses their phone all hours at night
  4. Starts to hang out with the ‘wrong’ group
  5. Try to isolate themselves from family members
  6. Avoid family discussions and try to stay online all the time
  7. Demonstrates violent actions and behaviors
  8. Concerned with popularity in the social media apps
  9. Use multiple accounts on different social media platforms

As a Parent, What to Do?

You know your kid has become a victim of online bullying, so what should you do to keep your kids safe?

Don’t Take Cyberbullying Lightly.

The major step you should take is not ignoring and taking it lightly. It is a common mistake parent make often, and they find it common, and they think it will happen for some time and kids will forget later.

But I’m afraid that’s not right. As a piece of advice for parents from us, you need to take action as soon as possible when you know your kid is a victim of some bullying. With this, you can save your kid’s life.

Talk to Bullies Parents

If you know the bullies who have been torturing your child, then go to them immediately and talk to them. You can also talk with their parents and sort these things, and you can have a meaningful talk with them and do not take steps that can hurt both sides. Keep calm and try to resolve the issue.

Talk to Teachers

If your kid is school-age, then there is a high chance these negative actions are spilled in the school environment. The actions can be carried by their friends, seniors, or other kids in the school.

So talking to the teachers might help. Educators and parents should work together in these kinds of cases as it might help kids and the things that are making your kid unhappy and uncomfortable.

Use-Third Party Spy Apps

If you do not know anything happening and your kid is not helping you, you might take help from third-party spy apps like Mobile Spy App. It helps you track everything on their phone, from texts to all multimedia files.

Mobile Spy App is an app that is specially designed for these types of cases. You can install the app on your child’s phone and track the activities remotely from your phone. You can see who is trying to contact them, what text messages they are sending, what multimedia files they are sharing, and other things. Also, you can track your kid’s location through their GPS tracker.

In contrast, this will make your life very easy and will help your kids a lot indirectly. You can jump in to help your kids whenever they are taking the wrong steps, or someone is trying to hurt them.

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To Sum Up,

Cyberbullying’s is a crime, and it can hurt people very badly; it might even take their life. Yes, keeping your children away from gadgets in this digital age is difficult, but it is your sole job as a parent to keep them safe when online.

Whether talking to them or using different spy apps, you need to keep track of every activity they perform online. In addition, it is very important to see who they are communicating with, where they are, and with whom they are hanging out.

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